STEM Academy

Students in STEM receive academic support, discover employment opportunities on campus, participate in summer internships studying at four-year schools, enroll in accelerated math classes combining two semesters of math into one, and participate in the Summer Academy, learning from talented speakers about their work experiences in STEM careers.

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STEM Workshop

The Math Preparation Workshop gives students an intense review of the mathematical concepts to give them a solid foundation of mathematical knowledge that is needed to keep up with the pace and rigor of accelerated math. Students that take the math preparation workshop have a much higher chance of success.

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Higher Education in STEM

Dr. Cleber Ouverney from San Jose State University came to Gavilan campus to give students information about the internship program and research opportunities in Biomedical research and how to apply for this great opportunity

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STEM Conferences

2017 SACNAS Conference was held at Salt Lake City Utah. Graduates, Postdocs, University undergraduates, and Community college students from all over the nation came together and share there work, collaborate and recruit the brightest and committed students. The event had over 1000 student presentations and over 3000 attendees. In 2019 we had 9 attendees among which 3 of them got the opportunity to present.

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