Welcome to the STEM Center

Gavilan College STEM Center is an exciting place in the campus. It's established to support students pursuing their education in STEM. We offer extensive programs, services and academic support for all students taking STEM courses, as well as a collaborative space for study groups, tutoring and workshops. We want you to succeed in STEM!

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One-to-one help from Instructors and Tutors

Instructors & Tutors are able to provide one-to-one help or work with a group. STEM instructors and Student tutors are scheduled throughout the whole week. They are well equipped to teach all levels of math, chemistry, physics, biology, computer science, engineering, and other STEM subjects.

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Academic Excellence workshops

We organize Academic Excellence Workshops on different STEM topics. They are designed to help you pass your STEM courses and to develop a strong foundation for your future STEM courses.

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An exciting place for students

We have a lot of facilities so that our students can focus on their learning. All STEM students are allowed to use the STEM center supplies. We have laptops, course books, scientific calculators, scratch papers, graph papers, white boards, markers etc.

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