Bucky The Ram Statue

Picture of Gilroy Dispatch article from 1968
In 1966 Gavilan's Student Council decided to raise money for a statue of a Ram for the new campus being built in Gilroy. It was intended to "represent the spirit of the college, its valor in battle, and its ability to withstand the pressures of society. The council wanted something they could be proud of and specifically said " and something that can withstand tar and feathers."

The Ram statue, nicknamed "Bucky", was created in 1968 by art student Chris Stucker and art instructor John Porter. The project was paid for by the ASB. The original vision for the statue was a reclining ram. At some date after the statue had been completed, the horns on the statue were modified to make them stronger.

At the time that the statue was completed, Chris placed a time capsule in the last part of the statue to be closed, the rear. The time capsule contained things a 1968 student would need: a class schedule; a map of the campus; an edition of The Rambler, Gavilan's student newspaper; and class registration cards.
The Ram stood vigil outside the Administration building overlooking the campus entrance for 36 years.

In 2004, the college, along with the artist, determined that the statue was no longer safe. After a ceremony on August 13, 2004 the statue was torn down.

The time capsule was removed at the ceremony. Due to time and weather much of the contents were damaged but photos were taken of what remained and can be accessed online. Gavilan College Time Capsule
Picture of Ram statue from 1970s
1966 Rambler article about the fund raising
July 2004 Dispatch article about the state of the statue
August 2004 Dispatch article about the ceremony