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Department of Computer Graphics & Design (CGD) provides a collaborative learning environment to prepare Gavilan students for careers as designers, architects, engineers, game/simulation developers, and other design fields that produce and market real and/or virtual products. Project-based activities help CGD students develop design skills while gaining expertise in computer graphics. CGD courses provide career and transfer options, incorporate theories and principles to support design, including instruction on SolidWorks and/or other commonly used computer graphics applications and design standards. Creative problem solving methods enable students to design products that meet human factors needs, use appropriate materials and address environmental issues. CGD students learn to create diverse products including personal accessories, furnishing, buildings, landscape features, mechanical equipment, bridges, electronic devices, appliances, and other designed objects that relate to diverse design careers. Portfolios produced in CGD courses thoughtfully organize presentations that demonstrate graphic and design competencies including freehand sketches, SolidWorks models and/or other graphics and apply theories and principles associated with visual design, creative problem solving, typography, professional ethics and research. . See Course Offerings for a general description of classes and Schedule of Classes for links to the times and locations of classes offered this semester.

Dean of Technical and Public Services

Sherrean Carr
Business 116
(408) 848-4757

Administrative Secretary
Technical and Public Services

Katie Day
Business 116
(408) 408-848-4719

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