Gavilan College Academic Senate Resolution
Subject: Recommendation For Sustaining and Building Class Schedules

First Reading: October 19, 2010
Second Reading: November 2, 2010
Third Reading: November 16, 2010
Fourth Reading: December 7, 2010

Mover: Bea Lawn
Seconder: Johanna Stewart

Whereas, the faculty is concerned that the process of cutting back the Spring 2011 schedule was uneven.

Whereas, the faculty wish to continue serving students who need and expect classes, especially during this period when other California community colleges have cut back their offerings.

Whereas, the faculty wish to plan strategically so that we do not repeat a destructive cycle of "grow and then cut," which has already proven to be hard on program development and students who are trying to complete their academic plans.

Whereas, the faculty understand that cutting our schedule back would mean that we would be getting back into compliance with the number of FTE's for which the state pays. The faculty understand that “keeping to cap” is important not only because Gavilan College wants to be compensated for its offerings but because the state may choose not to increase our future FTE funding if it assumes we are doing fine without the increase.

Whereas, the faculty would like to adopt the philosophy of investing in our students by offering the courses they need, expecting that we will see the returns on our investment later—in the form of a consistently growing student population and positive image of Gavilan College in our communities.

Resolved, the Academic Senate recommends that Gavilan College sustain and build its curricula and programs. If the administration decides to cut the class schedule, the Academic Senate recommends making any cuts to the schedule gradually, strategically and in incremental stages.