Academic Senate Recommendation for Hollister Temporary Site Expansion

First Reading: October 19, 2010

Second Reading: November 2, 2010

Third Reading: November 16, 2010

Mover: Marlene Bumgarner
Seconder: Dave Ellis

The Academic Senate has approved of the following criteria for the Hollister site expansion—and any future site—based on faculty, staff and student surveys during the Spring, Summer and Fall of 2010:

General location and building criteria:

  • The general environment surrounding the campus should be conducive to teaching and learning: it should be aesthetically attractive and relatively (reasonably) free of noise pollution.
  • The site needs to be free of environmental hazards —toxic waste/soil, garbage, excessive dust.
  • Green disposal and construction (recycling building waste) should be accessible.
  • Hazardous Materials storage space should be provided for Biology and Chemistry.
  • Buildings should be equipped with adequate air conditioning, heating and ventilation.
  • Adequate parking should be available for all students, faculty, and staff.
  • Precautions should be made to keep movement to and from parking and within the campus itself safe.
  • The campus should be close to county transit and have bus line parking and bike racks.

Classroom and resource criteria:

  • Classrooms should be “smart” and well-equipped (computer, projector, AV equipment, moveable desks, slide and/or Pull down chalk/white boards).
  • Classrooms and campus buildings should have wi-fi broadband access.
  • Media support services—cameras, A/V equipment—should be available to accommodate student and instruction needs. 
  • A copy room(s) with copy machine(s) and office supplies should be available to staff and faculty.
  • Faculty should have access to private conference space and/or appropriate office/workroom with computer and printer.
  • A Distance ed. Conference room—Satellite classroom—should be available and appropriately equipped.
  • Student Study rooms (lab space to include Liberal Arts) should be provided with available computers and printers.
  • Lecture/lab space, including prep area for Science and Art, should be available to accommodate student and instruction needs.
  • PE/Yoga and Dance should be provided with wooden floor.
  • All students at all Gavilan sites should have access to resources on par with those at the Gilroy (main) campus—DRC, Library, counseling, tutoring.