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ART 6:    Art Appreciation
Advisory: English 250 and English 260.
Transferable: CSU; UC; CSU-GE: C1; IGETC: 3A; GAV-GE: C1
An illustrated lecture course that surveys and introduces the visual arts from historical to contemporary times, and teaches students the basic concepts of seeing and appreciating art.
Sect# Type Room Instructor Units Days Time Start-End Footnotes
4083 LEC AR103 EDBERG J 3.0 DAILY 0900A - 1225P 11
Class meets 01/03/06 - 01/19/06


ART 98:    Special Topics
Transferable: CSU
Special topics courses examine current problems or issues of interest to students within a specific discipline area. For topic content information, consult with the appropriate department chairperson. For transfer status, check with a counselor. This course may have the option of a letter grade or credit/no credit.
Sect# Type Room Instructor Units Days Time Start-End Footnotes
6021 LEC AR101 GONZALES KC 1.0 S 1000A - 0100P 11
Class meets / / - / /
      GONZALES KC   F 0600P - 0900P  





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