Community-based research

Community Needs Assessment Report: McCarthy Street Park Revitalization Project

Native American research

The Amah-Mutsun and their child-rearing Customs: a slideshow by Mariah Pompe, 2017

Ascension Solorsano de Cervantes 1855-1930: a slideshow

Coyote Creek Medicinals: a slideshow by Maison Lewis, 2016

Native Women and Herbal Remedies: a slideshow by Willamina Coye, 2016

The Story of Ascension Solorsano: a video by Aaron Testani, 2018

Tule Reeds and the Amah Mutsun People: a slideshow by Christine Kimmel, 2016

Village Life of Ohlone Women: a slideshow by Brenda Ramirez 2016

European American Local History research

Isabella Breen Wedding: a slideshow by Lauren Montalbo, 2017