Informant: Sofia Chavez Ramirez
Interviewer: Leah Halper
Submitted: May 8, 2018


Sofia Chavez Ramirez Interview pt1

Sofia Chavez Ramirez Interview pt2


Sofia Chavez Ramirez was born in Cristal City, Texas in 1939. Though her parents were field workers, her shop-keeper grandparents were relatively comfortable. Ramirez did seasonal field work every year in Minnesota, where she met Pedro Ramirez at age 16 and eloped. The couple moved in 1961 to Gilroy for seasonal work with Gilroy Foods, and relocated permanently in 1962. Unwilling to be a cannery worker all her life. Ramirez enrolled at Gavilan College to study cosmetology. Despite having small children and many responsibilities, she excelled and was offered a lab assistant job. This turned into  full-time employment and eventually to a faculty appointment. As a cosmetology instructor Ramirez helped build a strong program that gave many diverse students a future.