Informant: Rito Nunez
Oral History By: Marissa Nunez
Submitted December 2013



Rito Nunez Interview

Rito Nunez is a Mexican-American male born in 1946 to a big family that would later consist of 16 children. he was very family oriented, even though before his childhood was up he departed from his mother and some of his siblings, they reunited later on in his teen years. Rito lived all over the Bay Area during his early life, living with his Uncle and Aunt in Hayward, then finding his mother and living with her in Oakland for a while, where he met his soon-to-be wife Patricia Ramirez. With Patricia, Rito had four children who subsequently gave him eleven grandchildren who look up to him as a role model, and six great-grandchildren. Rito held many different jobs in an effort to make a better life for himself and his family. he worked as a mechanic, he was a field worker, and he joined the Marines in his mid-20’s. During his time in the Marines he was involved in the Vietnam War. his job was an Amphibious Tractor operator. he was not only stationed in Vietnam, but also in Japan, the Philippines ,and San Diego. His time working in the fields coincides with the start of the United Farm Workers Union. During the latter part of his life, after his time in the Marines was up and he got injured while working as a mechanic he moved to Gilroy, California and has resided here for close to twenty years with his wife. This paper will examine his early life, the jobs that he held in pursuit of a better life, more specifically his involvement in the Vietnam War.