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Muriel Winter Brem

Informant: Muriel Winter Brem Interviewer: Leah Halper Submitted: May 7, 2018 Muriel Winter Brem Interview pt1 Muriel Winter Brem Interview pt2 Muriel Winter Brem Interview pt3 Muriel Winter Brem Interview pt4 Abstract: Muriel Winter Brem had… Continue Reading →

Lanetta Bishop

Informant: Lanetta Bishop Interviewer: Leah Halper Submitted: April 2018 Audio: Lanetta Bishop Interview Abstract: Lanetta Bishop’s relatives arrived in the area after the Gold Rush. She was raised by her grandparents in Hollister, and attended Gavilan College in the… Continue Reading →

Sharol Rosati Bernardo

Informant: Sharol Rosati Bernardo Interviewer: Leah Halper Submitted: April 2018 Audio: Sharol Rosati Bernardo Interview pt1 Sharol Rosati Bernardo Interview pt2 Sharol Rosati Bernardo Interview pt3 Abstract: Sharol Rosati Bernardo grew up in an Italian-American family, near… Continue Reading →

Clifford Cardoza

Informant: Clifford Cardoza Interviewer: Leah Halper Submitted: April 2018 Audio: Clifford Cardoza Interview pt1 Clifford Cardoza Interview pt2 Abstract: Clifford Cardoza spent his childhood in Hollister among hard-working immigrant relatives. He became active in Boy Scouts and student… Continue Reading →

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