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Sofia Chavez Ramirez

Informant: Sofia Chavez Ramirez Interviewer: Leah Halper Submitted: May 8, 2018 Audio: Sofia Chavez Ramirez Interview pt1 Sofia Chavez Ramirez Interview pt2 Abstract: Sofia Chavez Ramirez was born in Cristal City, Texas in 1939. Though her parents were… Continue Reading →

Alfred Bonturi

Informant: Alfred Bonturi Oral History by: Ismael Torres Submitted December 2013 Poster Audio: Alfred Bonturi Interview Abstract: Alfred Bonturi was born on August 16 1925. He was born and raised in Hollister, California. Alfred Bonturi‚Äôs father Fausto Bonturi, was born… Continue Reading →

Emma Villarreal Garza

Informant: Emma Villarreal Garza Oral history by: Adolfo Tellez Date submitted: December, 2011 Audio will appear here Abstract: Emma Villarreal Garza is an extraordinary woman with a life that is both exciting and magnificent. Emma father came from Spain and… Continue Reading →

Eugene Victor Routen

Informant: Eugene Victor Routen Student Interviewer: Justin Brager Date submitted: December 4, 2012 Audio: Eugene Victor Routen Interview pt1 Eugene Victor Routen Interview pt2 Eugene Victor Routen Interview pt3 Abstract: I interviewed my great-grandfather Eugene Victor Routen…. Continue Reading →

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