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Bob Garcia

Informant: Bob Garcia Interviewer: Leah Halper Date submitted: May 7, 2018 Audio: Bob Garcia Interview pt1 Bob Garcia Interview pt2 Bob Garcia Interview pt3 Bob Garcia Interview pt4 Abstract: After his father’s depature, Bob Garcia’s Mexican-born… Continue Reading →

Alan Viarengo

Informant: Alan Viarengo Interviewer: Leah Halper Submitted: June 2018 Audio: Alan Viarengo Interview pt1 Alan Viarengo Interview pt2 Alan Viarengo Interview pt3 Abstract: Alan Viarengo was born in 1965 in Gilroy, the only child of parents who… Continue Reading →

Linda Bernabe

Informant: Linda Bernabe Interviewer: Leah Halper Submitted: 5/21/18 Audio: Linda Bernabe Interview Abstract: Linda Bernabé was born in 1984 in El Sol, a suburb of San Salvador, during the country’s 12-year Civil War CCQQ. She briefly attended the American… Continue Reading →

Pride and Gratitude: two eras, two yearbooks

Pride and Gratitude: two eras, two yearbooks Abstract: What can college yearbooks tell us about students’ lives at two important moments in US history? This essay will analyze the 1936 and 1950 Ramblers, college yearbooks from San Benito Junior College…. Continue Reading →

Loretta Carillo

Informant: Loretta Carillo Interviewer: Leah Halper Submitted: 5/21/18 Audio: Loretta Carillo Interview Abstract: Loretta Carillo, the grand-daughter of Mexican immigrants, grew up in San Jose and excelled at school. She considered becoming an elementary school teacher during her college… Continue Reading →

Karen Sato

Informant: Karen Sato Interviewer: Leah Halper Submitted: 5/21/18 Audio: Karen Sato Interview pt1 Karen Sato Interview pt2 Abstract: Karen Sato’s Japanese-American farm family was deeply affected by internment at Poston during World War II. Her parents settled in San… Continue Reading →

Sofia Chavez Ramirez

Informant: Sofia Chavez Ramirez Interviewer: Leah Halper Submitted: May 8, 2018 Audio: Sofia Chavez Ramirez Interview pt1 Sofia Chavez Ramirez Interview pt2 Abstract: Sofia Chavez Ramirez was born in Cristal City, Texas in 1939. Though her parents were… Continue Reading →

Sharol Rosati Bernardo

Informant: Sharol Rosati Bernardo Interviewer: Leah Halper Submitted: April 2018 Audio: Sharol Rosati Bernardo Interview pt1 Sharol Rosati Bernardo Interview pt2 Sharol Rosati Bernardo Interview pt3 Abstract: Sharol Rosati Bernardo grew up in an Italian-American family, near… Continue Reading →

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