Informant: Bob Garcia
Interviewer: Leah Halper
Date submitted: May 7, 2018


Bob Garcia Interview pt1

Bob Garcia Interview pt2

Bob Garcia Interview pt3

Bob Garcia Interview pt4

After his father’s depature, Bob Garcia’s Mexican-born mother provided for her family with hard work growing row crops in San Martin. He discovered sports at Rucker Elementary School, and excelled through college. At Gavilan College he found a future in coaching, which the college hired him to pursue when he finished his degree at California Western University.  Garcia built a football program that was #1 in the nation in 1973, despite formidable challenges. He left the head football coach position later, but had agreed to be head coach again when heart problems forced his retirement in 1990. In retirement, Garcia founded a popular gym in Gilroy and was active in the community. He also was a major support for his son Jeff Garcia, whose professional football career included quarterbacking for the Calgary Stampeders and the San Francisco 49ers.