Informant: Alan Viarengo
Interviewer: Leah Halper
Submitted: June 2018


Alan Viarengo Interview pt1

Alan Viarengo Interview pt2

Alan Viarengo Interview pt3

Alan Viarengo was born in 1965 in Gilroy, the only child of parents who had a common background: they were both from farm families, and both had roots in the Piemonte district of Italy. Aldo Viarengo, his father, was a World War II veteran of the Army Air Force; Aurora Carpena, his mother, grew up on farmland that is now the Gilroy Chevy’s. Alan was always good at school but not interested in the social cliques that formed. At Gavilan College he was able to pursue passions for languages and math; he was hired to work at the Computer Lab and enjoyed programming in Basic as well. Viarengo was proud to graduate from Gavilan in 1985, the first in his family to get a college degree. He transferred to San Jose State University as a math major, then got a Masters in statistics from Cal State Hayward in 1989. He worked for many years in research and development at Gilroy Foods, and also began teaching math part-time at Gavilan College in 2001.