Message from the Superintendent/PresidentIntroductionOverview and College HistoryMission, Philosophy, Purpose, Principles of Community and Visional Educational Values and GoalsEnvironmental Scan- External to the CollegeEnvironmental Scan- Internal to the CollegeTotals 52,101 505Institutional EffectivenessInstitutional Performance ExpectationsInstitutional PerformanceStudent Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILO)InterventionsOpportunities for the FutureFuture Labor MarketsTotal 46 29 63%Total for College 22 2 24Planning for Potential New ProgramsFaculty and Staff Visions for Curriculum and Delivery of Support ServicesOpportunities for New Initiatives, Improvement or Expansion of ProgramsKey Planning Assumptions, Goals, and Strategic PrioritiesPlanning AssumptionsVisionary Educational goals and Strategic Priorities of the CollegeStrategic Priorities of the CollegeProjections for Future GrowthFuture Capacity for the GrowthBaseline Term AnalysisWSCH Projections and the Future Program of InstructionSubtotal 52,100 60,472 69,740 80,333Subtotal 57,282 65,047 75,041 86,479Space ProjectionsAcknowledgementsAppendix MaterialsAppendix A- Neighboring Colleges and DistancesAppendix B- Industry Employment and Labor Force by Annual Average, 5-Yr IncrementsTotals 697,500 715,900 888,600 737,600 736,700 896,400 28.5% 1.1%Appendix C- Degrees and Certificates Related to Distance Education Substantive Change ProposalAppendix D- Online Services and Forms Available to StudentsAppendix Grant-Funded Intervention SummariesAppendix Grant-Funded Interventions: Crosswalk of Major Intervention Effort AttributesAppendix PM- Gavilan College Programs MatrixAppendix SP- Gavilan College Strategic Priorities and GoalsSTRATEGY #1Optimize enrollment, course offerings, and services to reflect community needs and growth.STRATEGY #2Improve student services and enhance curriculum and programs in order to help students meet their educational, career, and personal goals.STRATEGY # 3Improve and expand existing facilities to enhance the learning environment.STRATEGY #4Recruit and develop staff to foster success for our diverse students in their attainment of educational and/or career goals.STRATEGY #5Implement the Educational Master Plan goal specifying development of multi-college expansion by coordinating all instructional programs, student and administrative support services, organizational structure and staff, and site development through linkage with Strategy 3.STRATEGY #6Foster a campus culture of engagement and excellence through improved communication, coordination, collaboration, and participation.STRATEGY #7Appendix T1- CSU Transfer Students from Gavilan, Major Field of StudyAppendix T2- UC Transfer Students from Gavilan, Major Field of StudyAppendix JOBS: Occupational ProjectionsAppendix X- WSCH Projection Details 2015-2030Appendix Y- Space Projections Detail 2015-2030