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Addenda to the 2015-2017 Catalog

Changes have been made to the following programs since publication of the catalog:

Cosmetology - Associate in Science

Cosmetology - Certificate of Achievement

English as a Second Language, Intermediate - Certificate of Proficiency

English as a Second Language, Vocational - Certificate of Proficiency

Esthetician - Certificate of Achievement

Fire Science - Certificate of Achievement

GED Prep - Certificate of Proficiency

History - Associate Degree for Transfer

Home Health Aide - Certificate of Proficiency

Kinesiology - Associate in Arts

Law Enforcement Option 2 - Certificate of Achievement

Noncredit Lifeskills - Certificate

Nurse Assistant - Certificate of Proficiency

Peer Education Leadership - Certificate of Proficiency

Retail Management - Associate in Arts

Retail Management - Certificate of Achievement

Studio Arts - Associate in Arts

Theater Arts

Theater Mass Communications