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GavFEST Celebration, May 2006

Associated Student Body (ASB)

The collective voice of students is an important and powerful component in the college’s participatory governance process.

The ASB is the official student organization on campus and provides the majority of student input and recommendations on critical campus issues to faculty, staff, administration and the Board of Trustees.

The Student Senate is a representative body of students who meet weekly to plan, implement and evaluate college activities and services that meet the needs of Gavilan College students.

Any student who meets the requirements of the ASB’s by-laws may become a voting member of the Student Senate. The elected and appointed officers provide a liaison between the students and academic departments and student services. The variety of leadership positions allows for different levels of involvement so that students can balance their academic and extracurricular loads effectively.

The political and practical leadership skills that students develop through the ASB are supplemented through a leadership course offered through the Political Science and Psychology Departments(POLS 27; PSYC 27). The curriculum includes practical skills that are applicable to college-related opportunities and other professional and personal environments. The curriculum is an interdisciplinary approach to contemporary leadership. This is an elective course that is transferrable to the CSU system and meets a GE requirement for the Gavilan College A.A./A.S. degree. Although the UC system does not accept the units for the class, it gives added consideration to those students who have been involved in student government and other college governance activities. Employers also look favorably upon a student’s involvement in college leadership.

There are many reasons to become involved in the ASB: the skills learned in the academic environment are transferrable to outside involvements; it provides a good way to meet other students with similar interests, and it provides a vehicle for activities which often have no other forum.

Associated Student Body - Cards

The benefits of buying a student body card are many. The revenue supports social and cultural activities on campus in addition to providing the purchaser with discounts at athletic and cultural events and free bluebooks and scantrons (testing supplies) in the bookstore. Many businesses in Gilroy, Morgan Hill and Hollister offer discounts to card holders. Support your college ASB.

Campus Clubs

A variety of clubs and organizations have been established to provide opportunities for students to participate in scholastic, social, political, cultural and recreational pursuits. Club activities are coordinated and supported through the Student Senate. Students are encouraged to start clubs if they have a particular interest not represented currently on campus.

College Colors and Mascot

The official colors of the college are navy, red, and white. Since 1919, Gavilan College has been proudly represented by the Ram mascot. “GO RAMS!”

Intercollegiate Athletics

As a member of the California Association of Community Colleges’ Commission on Athletics, Gavilan College is proud of its rich tradition in intercollegiate athletics. Representing the Coast Conference, Gavilan College offers (8) intercollegiate athletic programs: Women’s Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball and Softball; and for men: Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Golf.

Students wishing to participate in any of the intercollegiate athletic programs must be enrolled in and attending a minimum of 12 units during the season of competition with nine units applying towards a degree program. To be eligible for a second season of competition, students must have passed a minimum of 24 units, have 18 apply towards a degree program, and maintained a cumulative 2.0 grade point average. In addition, second year participants must also have an official Student Education Plan on file within the Director of Athletics’ Office prior to the start of the second season. Coordinate with the Counseling Department to complete your Student Education Plan.

In addition to meeting the above requirements for student-athlete eligibility, all participants must adhere to all rules outlined by Gavilan College, the Coast Conference, and the Commission on Athletics. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of eligibility.

Athletic scholarships are not given in California community colleges; however, Gavilan College provides qualified students financial aid opportunities.


The Rambler, an independent student newspaper, has provided students with a real world journalism experience and a public forum for their ideas and opinions since 1967. The newspaper covers the events, issues and people that shape, reflect and define the college and the world.

The Gavilan College literary journal, Friction, provides a forum for creative writers, helping to model and sustain the practice of writing poetry and prose.

Rho Alpha Mu - Honor Society

Rho Alpha Mu is the Gavilan College chapter of Alpha Gamma Sigma, the California Community College Honor Scholarship Society. Its purpose is to recognize student scholarship, contribute to the social and cultural life of the campus and to provide and promote active involvement with the larger community through voluntary community service activities.

Membership is open to all those with at least a 3.0 grade point average. There are a number of financial award possibilities for members in good standing.

Theatre Productions

The Gavilan College Theatre offers a range of plays, including childrens’ plays, musicals and Shakespearean productions. Actors have performed in productions such as A Christmas Carol, The Rocky Horror Show and King Lear. In addition to performing on stage, students learn backstage and technical production skills.

The First Monday series presents staged readings of new, contraversial or unusual material free of charge on the first Monday of every month during the academic year.

The Summer Theatre Arts Repertory (STAR) summer program trains children in dramatic performance. Students from the academic program serve as STAR leaders, often directing and producing plays for themselves. The Theatre program is a multi-faceted endeavor that provides academic credit, production experience, and the opportunity for individual growth through the arts.

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