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Social Science

A.A. Degree

After completing the Social Science major, students transferring to a four-year institution will be prepared for additional study in the following areas:

Anthropology, child development, counseling, education, ethnic studies, government, history, political science, psychology, social psychology, social work, sociology


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Social Science A.A. Degree


Complete one course from each list. Any remaining units needed to reach a minimum of 18
may be selected from any of the lists.

Choose one:

HIST 1 United States History Through Reconstruction (3 units)

HIST 2 United States History Reconstruction to the Present (3 units)

HIST 3 History of California (3 units)

HIST 5 Women’s Lives in Early United States History (3 units)

HIST 6 Women’s Lives in Recent United States History (3 units)

HIST 7A History of Western Civilization (3 units)

HIST 7B History of Western Civilization (3 units)

HIST 10 Cultural History of the Mexican American (3 units)

HIST 14 U.S. in the 20th Century: An Oral History Approach (3 units)

HIST 18 Our American Experience I (3 units)

HIST 19 Our American Experience II (3 units)

HIST 21 Ancient Americas: A History through Art (3 units)

3 units Choose one: POLS 1 Introduction to American Government (3 units)

POLS 3 Introduction to Comparative Politics (3 units)

AJ/POLS/PSYC 6 Introduction to Conflict Resolution (3 units)

POLS 8 Field Work in Politics (1 unit)

ECON 1 Principles of Macroeconomics (3 units)

ECON 2 Principles of Microeconomics (3 units)

ECON 10 Fundamentals of Economics (3 units)

3 units

Choose one:

PSYC 1A Introduction to Psychology (3 units)

PSYC 1B Introduction to Psychology (3 units)

PSYC 41 Psychology of Adjustment (2 units)

CD 2/PSYC 2 Early Child Development (3 units)

CD 3/PSYC 3 Child Growth and Development During the School Years (3 units)

CD 5 Child, Family and Community (3 units)

CD 7/PSYC 7 Cultural Context of Childhood (3 units)

2-3 units Choose one:

SOC 1A Introduction to Sociology (3 units)

SOC 1B Introduction to Sociology: Social Problems (3 units)

SOC 3 Sociology of Minorities (3 units)

SOC 4 Sociology of Women and Men (3 units)

SOC 21 Marriage and the Family (3 units)

JOUR10/SOC 10 Mass Media and Society (3 units)

3 units

Choose one:

ANTH 1 Introduction to Physical Anthropology (3 units)

ANTH 2 Introduction to Archeology (3 units)

ANTH 3 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3 units)

ANTH 9/CD7/PSYC 7 Cultural Context of Childhood (3 units)

GEOG 2 Cultural Geography (3 units)

3 units

Total Units from above lists: 14-15 units

Additional courses selected from above 3-4 units

Total Units for Major: 18 UNITS

Plus completion of general education requirements units vary

Total Units Required for A.A.: minimum of 60 UNITS

Recommended Electives:

AJ 10, 14; ANTH 1; CSIS 1 or 2; ECOL 1; GBUS 1; MATH 5; PHIL 1; PSYC 30; Spanish