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College Profile


In an environment that nurtures creativity and intellectual curiosity, Gavilan College serves the community by providing a high-quality learning experience which prepares students for transfer, technical and public service careers, lifelong learning and participation in a diverse global society.

Visionary Educational Values and Goals


An imaginative and nurturing community of learners, fostered through rigorous scholarship, creativity, and personal and professional development.

A college environment and social climate characterized by inclusiveness and mutual respect for all of our students, staff, and community.

Excellence in and promotion of comprehensive programs, services, and activities.

Partnerships that support the educational, economic and social development of the college and the communities we serve.


To be known for educational excellence

To demonstrate involved and responsive community leadership

To increase our accessibility

To encourage innovative instruction

To lead in the application of appropriate educational technology

To promote a harmonious learning and working environment


Gavilan College is committed to educational excellence. The college aspires to be an exemplary, student-centered community college through leadership, planning, and a commitment to ongoing improvement. Its services and programs are designed to instill the values of critical thinking, life-long learning, cultural understanding, and community service. Gavilan’s quality of service to students is closely bound to the quality of the college staff.

Gavilan College strives to accomplish its mission with creativity and innovation and with a proactive, accessible and sensitive presence in the diverse communities it serves. The college is dedicated to fulfill its mission with compassion, caring and understanding and holds, in high regard, the respect and worth of all individuals.


Gavilan College offers a wide range of services, including programs of community education, study in the liberal arts and sciences, and study in the pre-professional, business, voactional, and technical fields. To support student success, we offer services that strengthen and augment the learning environment. Courses and programs of study are offered days, evenings, weekends, and online. All offerings are designed to assist students in meeting their educational and life goals.


Gavilan College’s course of studies includes a two-year lower division program that prepares students for transfer to a four-year college or university. Gavilan College also offers a variety of one-and two-year technical and occupational and pre-professional courses of study that lead to employment. Currently, 27 Associate Degree programs and 12 certificate and career programs are offered.

Currently, more than 6,000 day, evening and online students are enrolled at Gavilan College, and approximately 300 degrees and certificates are awarded annually. The communities served by Gavilan College have experienced rapid growth in recent years, which has brought both economic and structural change to the region. The booming employment market of Silicon Valley in from 1999-2001 divided the District into two distinct sub-regions. The northern region (South San Jose and Morgan Hill) is now more technical and industrial, and demographically higher income. The southern part of the district, in San Benito County, is still largely agricultural. Unemployment is high and social services are constrained by ongoing budget problems. The center of the district, Gilroy, has seen rapid growth in residential construction and a booming retail economy providing large numbers of service jobs. The high price of real estate in the Silicon Valley is also having an impact on the District. As families have looked southward for affordable housing while remaining employed in Santa Clara County, large numbers of district residents commute long distances for work.

Orienting a curriculum to meet the needs of this diverse population is challenging. High school students continuing on to post-secondary education, students returning for skills or career grades, and life-long learners represent a substantial, and growing, portion of Gavilan College’s enrollment. However, the number of students needing English language and basic skills acquisition is also increasing. This is indeed a challenging time for Gavilan.

Organizational Structure

A seven-member Board of Trustees governs the Gavilan Community College District. Voters within the district elect the Trustees for a four-year term. Board meetings are held monthly and are open to the public.

The administrative structure of the college operates under the direction and oversight of the college president, who oversees vice president positions that carry responsibility for administrative, instructional and student services. Deans and Directors provide direct oversight for the tasks related to the provision of administrative, instructional and student services.

Campus and Facilities

Every aspect of the 150-acre Gavilan College campus has been planned to emphasize the student-centered philosophy adopted by the Board of Trustees and the college staff.

The main campus is located south of Gilroy against the hills that form the western boundary of the Santa Clara Valley.

Buildings have been designed and constructed to serve the needs and interests of college students and are equipped with the most recently developed aids to enhance teaching and learning.

Many live oaks native to the area have been preserved, and a series of ponds and waterfalls have been developed to emphasize a pleasant, tranquil setting.

Off-Campus Sites

Gavilan College also has sites in Hollister at the Briggs Building and in Morgan Hill as a wing of the Morgan Hill Community and Cultural Center. These two sites are an integral part of the District’s effort to enhance student access to a college education.


Gavilan College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, which is listed by the United States Commissioner of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency. The college program is approved for veterans’ training. Students who attend Gavilan College can receive full credit in major colleges and universities throughout the United States for appropriate courses completed with a grade of “C” or better.