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A.A. Degree

After completing the Music major, students transferring to a four-year institution will be prepared for additional study in the following areas:

Commercial music, drama, education, fine arts, music education, music history, music performance, music theory, music as a minor for recreation


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Music A.A. Degree

Program Learning Outcomes: After completing this degree a student will:

  • be able to hear, identify, and work conceptually with the elements of music: rhythm, melody, harmony, and structure.
  • demonstrate ability in performing areas appropriate to his/her needs and interests, including historicaland modern music.

MUS 1A/B Music History & Literature 3-3 units

MUS 3A/B Harmony/Theory 4-4 units

MUS 3C/D Intermediate Harmony/Theory 4-4 units

MUS 4A * Beginning Piano 3 units

MUS 4B * Beginning Piano 2 units

MUS 8A/B * Beginning Voice 2-2 units

Total Units for Major: 31 units

Plus completion of general education requirements units vary

Total Units Required for A.A.: minimum of 60 UNITS

* Or demonstrated proficiency at this level. Students whose major instrument is piano or voice should enroll in the entire 2-year sequence of piano or voice classes.

Recommended Electives: ART 1 or 2A, CSIS 1 or 2, PSYC 1A, SPAN, THEA 1