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"Matriculation” means to enroll as a student with the intent of graduating or completing a program of study. As part of the statewide effort to enhance student success and to increase transfer to four-year institutions, Gavilan College offers a variety of matriculation services which help students identify and successfully complete their educational goals.

Matriculation services include:

• A clear and accessible ADMISSIONS process and

• An ORIENTATION to the college and the services we offer

• ASSESSMENT of your academic skill level through placement assessment and consideration of other related factors

• COUNSELING AND ADVISING so you can complete your program in the quickest possible time with all the correct requirements

• FOLLOW-UP on your progress so you can both feel and be successful

The above is our commitment to you. Your part of the partnership is to:

• Identify and declare an educational goal and major

• Meet with a counselor to make and update your educational plan so you can stay on track

• Seek out services on campus that will support you and help you stay in school

• Make progress towards your goal


Online orientation is an easy, convenient and productive way to become familiar with Gavilan College. The orientation will introduce you to what is different about college - the expectations and challenges you will face. Whether you plan on transferring to a four-year university or are on a career path, there are important things you need to know before you begin. General education patterns, transfer issues, certificate and major requirements, homework expectations and the critical support services are only some of the aspects included. Those who complete orientation have an easier introduction to college and move towards their goal with more confidence and in a reasonable amount of time. To access the online orientation, go to the college’s homepage at

You may choose not to participate in orientation: however, you will not be eligible for priority registration.

Assessment and Course Placement

Students’ language and computational skills are measured by a placement assessment. Placement assessment scores, along with additional indicators of students’ abilities, are used by counselors and advisors to recommend appropriate placement in English and mathematics courses and other college transfer courses that require reading, writing and computational skills. For more information see page 13.

Students must have completed the eighth grade to be eligible for assessment services.

Re-Assessment Sessions:

Students who have previously taken the placement assessment may re-test after thirty (30) days. You may re-assess once per semester. Call the Assessment Office to confirm dates, times and locations.

Counseling and Educational Planning

Prior to registration, counselors are available to meet with students and interpret assessment results, discuss course selection, and assist with the development of the educational plan. An educational plan is an important factor in promoting timely progress toward a student’s completion of certificate, degree, or transfer programs. Students develop an educational plan with a counselor when they first enroll at Gavilan and then meet on a regular basis with their counselor to update their plan and to review progress. Counselors are available to meet with students throughout the year to discuss academic and personal concerns and to refer students to other types of needed assistance. For more information see page 13.

Follow-up Support Services

Helping you stay in college is important to us. We realize that there are many reasons that students fall behind in their work, drop classes and perform below an acceptable academic standard. Counselors and other support staff will work with students who are experiencing difficulty. Other special programs (TRIO, EOPS, DRC, MESA, etc.) will help you to stay on track and to reach your educational goals.

Yet, there will be times when some students will fall below the required academic or progress levels required—2.0 GPA and completion of at least 50% of units attempted. The standards for probation and dismissal (see page 34) will be reviewed with students and a plan to regain good standing will be developed. Multiple visits with a counselor will provide the strategies and support needed to accomplish this. Taking advantage of additional support services may also be included in the plan: financial aid, childcare, personal counseling, tutoring, writing and math labs, computer skills, etc.

Exemptions From Services

Sometimes a student does not want to take advantage of matriculation services. That is a right you have. In order to be exempt from assessment and orientation you must meet one of the following criteria:

• have an associate’s degree or higher

• have accumulated less than 12 units in transfer courses

• be presently enrolled in less than six units

• not plan to earn a certificate or degree

• formally waive your rights to assessment and orientation at the Admissions & Records Office. If you waive your rights to assessment and orientation, you will not be eligible for priority (early) registration.

You still have the right to use the other matriculation services. We encourage you to do so.