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A.S. Degree

After completing the Mathematics major, students transferring to a four-year institution will be prepared for additional study in the following areas:

Actuarial science, applied mathematics, computer science (programming), statistics, theoretical mathematics


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Mathematics A.S. Degree

Program Learning Outcomes: After completing this degree a student will be able to:

  • identify and utilize appropriate mathematical operations in the simplification of expressions and solution of equations.
  • compare and contrast various mathematical models and then apply the appropriate model to real world problems.
  • describe, compare and contrast various mathematical functions using everyday language.
  • describe, compare and contrast various mathematical properties and operations for real and imaginary numbers using everyday language.

Mathematics majors are encouraged to consult four-year college catalogs during their first semester at Gavilan College.

See Gavilan general education requirements. Students completing the core courses will have satisfied reuirements for Area B (Physical Universe and Its Life Forms), 3. Mathematics.

ENGR 5 C++ Scientific Programming 3 units

MATH 1A Single-Variable Calculus and Analytic Geometry 4 units

MATH 1B Single-Variable Calculus and Analytic Geometry 4 units

MATH 1C Multivariable Calculus 4 units

MATH 2 * Linear Algebra 3 units

MATH 2C Differential Equations 3 units

Total Units for Major: 21 UNITS

Plus completion of general education requirements units vary

Total Units Required for A.S.: minimum of 60 UNITS

Recommended Electives: MATH 5, 26; PHYS 4A, B, C

* There are times when a course listed as a requirement for a major or certificate cannot be offered in a reasonable timeframe. Course substitutions and waivers will be considered by the department. Please contact the department chairperson. This information is available from the Office of Instruction - (408) 848-4761.