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Health Science

A.S. Degree


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Health Science A.S. Degree Transfer Prep

This degree is intended for students who plan to pursue a more advanced degree or certificate in a health career.

Vocational program opportunities include:

pre-professional in X-ray technology

dental hygiene

physician’s assistant

other related health careers.


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AH 3 The Person in the Life Cycle 3 units

H 11 Nutrition 3 units

Choose one of the following:

CHEM 1A or 1B General Chemistry (5 units)

CHEM 30A Elementary Chemistry (4 units)

CHEM 30B Elementary Organic and Biochemistry (4 units)

BIO 1 General Biology (4 units)

BIO 10 Principles of Biology (4 units)

BIO 15 Survey Human Anatomy & Physiology (5 units)

4-5 units

Choose two of the following:

BIO 7 Human Anatomy (4 units)

BIO 8 General Microbiology (5 units)

BIO 9 Human Physiology (5 units)

9-10 units

Total Units for Major: 19-21 UNITS

Plus completion of general education requirements units vary

Total Units Required for A.S.: minimum of 60 UNITS

Recommended Electives: AH 11; MATH 233 or higher; ECOL 1; PSYC 1A