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To contact personnel listed below by email, type the first initial of the first name, followed by the last (i.e., contact Marilyn Abad at


5055 Santa Teresa Blvd.,
Gilroy, CA 95020


When calling from Hollister (toll free) 831-637-1158

Evening Office (SC112) 408-848-4750

Hollister - Briggs Building

365 Fourth St.,
Hollister, CA 95023


Morgan Hill - Community and Cultural Center

17060 Monterey Rd.,
Morgan Hill, CA 95037


Aviation Program (Hollister Airport)

490 Skylane Dr.,
Hollister, CA 95023



Emergency/Campus Security:

First: Dial ‘911’ (On campus, dial ‘8’ first)

Second: Dial ‘10’ for campus emergency support

From campus pay phone 408-710-7490

Non Emergency:

Security Office (S/M) 408-848-4703


Dr. Steven M. Kinsella
408- 848-4712

Business Development, Community Development & Grants Management, Community Education, Gavilan College Educational Foundation, Institutional Research, Physical Education/Athletics, Public Information Office

Vice President of Instructional Services
Adrienne Akinsete

Disability Resource Center, Extended Opportunity Programs & Services, Liberal Arts & Sciences, Technical & Public Services

Vice President, Administrative Services
Joseph Keeler

Equal Opportunity and Grievance Officer, Risk Management, Facility Construction, Faculty and Classified Negotiations, Health and Safety, and Internal/External Contract Management. Admissions & Records, Business Services, Facilities’ Services, Financial Aid, Hollister and Morgan Hill Sites, Human Resources, MIS, and Security & Support Services

Dean, Liberal Arts & Sciences
Fran Lozano

Community Media Access Partnership (CMAP), Computer Labs, Fine Arts, English, English as a Second Language (ESL), Library, Math-Engineering-Science Achievement (MESA), Natural Sciences, Online Course Development/Distance Learning, Puente, Social Sciences, Staff Resource Center, Television Services

Dean, Technical & Public Services
Sherrean Carr

Administration of Justice, Allied Health, Aviation, Business, Child Development and Educational Studies, Child Development Center, Computer Graphics and Design, Computer Labs, Cooperative Work Experience (CWE), Cosmetology, Digital Media, Media Services, Regional Occupational Programs (ROP), Tech Prep

Dean, Student Services

Assessment, Career/Transfer Resource Center, Counseling/Guidance Courses, Health Services, Matriculation, Outreach & Recruitment, Retention, Schedule/Catalog Development, Student Activities, Student Government, Switchboard/Information Center, Tutoring, TRIO

Associate Dean, Business Development
Richard Gillis

BioScience/Technology Business Assistance, Business Education & Training Assistance, Regional Biotechnology Center, Small Business Development Center,

Associate Dean, Community Development and Grants Management
Rachel Perez

Associate Dean, Disability Resource Center
Fran Lopez

CareerPrep, Classes and Services, High Tech Center, Learning Skills Lab, HOPE, Physical Education - Adapted, Vocational Training Program for Adults with Developmental Disabitites, WorkAbility III

Associate Dean, EOPS/CalWORKs
Anne Ratto

Director, Physical Education/Athletics
Ron Hannon

Director, Community Education, Terri Newman 408-847-2514

Director, Admissions and Records, Joy Parker 408-848-4754

Admissions, Enrollment Verification, Grades, International Students, Registration, Residency Determination and Transcripts

Director, Business Services, Rhonda Pfenning 408-848-4739

Accounting, Accounts Payable, Budget Development, Cashier, Payroll, Purchasing/Contract Support

Director, Facility Services, Art Kerr 408-848-4705

Facilities, Grounds, Maintenance, Custodial

Director, Financial Aid, Veronica Martinez (Interim) 408-848-4725

Financial Assistance, Funding for Future Education, Recruitment, Assist Students and Provide Connection to Resources

Director, Human Resources, Shairon Williams 408-848-4753

Benefits Administration, Compensation, Recruitment, Workers’ Compensation, and Employee Relations

Director, Management Information Systems, Mimi Arvizu 408-848-4840

Information Systems, Phone and Web Registration, State Reporting, Technology Planning and Support, and Website

Director, Public Information, Jan Bernstein Chargin 408-848-4724

Director, Institutional Research, Elizabeth McKean 408-848-4852

Director, Security & Support Services, Ana Hipol 408-848-4720

Facilities Use, Mail, Parking, Reprographics, Security, Warehouse and Receiving

Director, TRIO, Fabio Gonzalez 408-846-4981

Director, CalWORKs, Susanne Muszala 408-848-4813

Director, MESA, Eduardo Cervantes 408-846-4968

Instructional Site Coordinator, Hollister, Judy Rodriguez 831-636-3783
365 Fourth St., Hollister, CA 95023

Instructional Site Coordinator, Morgan Hill, Lorraine Welk 408-782-2873
17060 Monterey Rd., Morgan Hill, CA 95037

Board of Trustees

Tom Breen, San Benito County
B.S., J.D., Santa Clara University

Kent Child, San Benito County
A.A., College of San Mateo; B.A., M.A., San Jose State University

Mark Dover, Gilroy
B.S., M.A., San Jose State University

Laura Perry, Esq., Morgan Hill
A.A., Gavilan College, B.S., San Jose State University; J.D., Santa Clara University

Elvira Robinson, Esq., San Benito County
B.A., J.D., Santa Clara University

Deb Smith, Gilroy
B.S.,University of Phoenix

Leonard Washington, Morgan Hill
B.A., Texas Southern University, M.A., Santa Clara University

Jesse Sandow, Student Trustee

Contact Board members through the Office of the President 408-848-4711


Community Education (CJ) 408-847-2514

Contract Education

Contract Education (LS116) 408-848-4847

Counseling (SC108) 408-848-4723

Guidance, Mediation, Transfer Institute

Disability Resource Center (LI117)

CareerPrep, Classes and Services, Counseling, High Tech Center, Learning Skills Lab, HOPE, Physical Education - Adapted, Vocational Training Program for Adults with Developmental Disabitites, WorkAbility III


TTY for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing 408-846-4924

Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS) (LI101A)


Liberal Arts and Sciences (SS116) 408-848-4701

English (English, Humanities), English as a Second Language, Fine Arts (Art, Communications, French, Japanese, Journalism, Music, Philosophy, Spanish, Theatre Arts), Natural Sciences (Astronomy, Biological Science, Chemistry, Ecology, Engineering, Geology, Mathematics, Physical Geography, Physical Science & Engineering, Physics), Social Sciences (Anthropology, Cultural Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology)

Library and information technology (LI)

Distance Learning, Library

Non Credit instruction (LS116) 408-848-4847

Physical Education / Athletics (GY) 408-848-4876

Physical Education (Academic), Physical Education (Activities), Intercollegiate Athletics

Technical and Public Services (BU116) 408-848-4719

Administration of Justice, Allied Health (Registered Nursing, Licensed Vocational Nursing, Certified Nurse Assistant, Health Education, Home Health Aide, Clinical Medical Assisting), Aviation Maintenance Technology, Business (Accounting, Business, General, Business Office Technology, Computer Science & Information Systems, Economics), Child Development and Educational Studies, Computer Graphics and Design, Cooperative Work Experience, Cosmetology, Digital Media

Direct Phone Numbers

Admissions and Records Office (SC111) 408-848-4735

or 408-846-4954

Assessment Office (SS207) 408-846-4992

ASB - Student Body Office (SC158) 408-848-4777

Associated Student Body Advisor (SC 103) 408-846-4951

Bookstore (SC) 408-848-4742

Business Skills Center (BU110) 408-848-4786

CalWORKs (LI101A) 408-848-4813

Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) (LI101A) 408-848-4790

Career/Transfer Resource Center (SC102) 408-848-4818

Child Development Center (CC133) 408-848-4815

Clubs and Activities (SC158) 408-848-4777

Computer Place (LI168/LI171) 408-848-4729

Community Media Access Partnership (CMAP) (LI135) 408-846-4983

Cooperative Work Experience (CJ) 408-847-2514

Cosmetology (appointment line) (COS) 408-842-5055

Discrimination/Harrassment Complaints 408-848-4715

Distance Education Coordinator (OE) 408-848-4885

ESL Computer Lab (BU119) 408-848-4856

Financial Aid (SC111) 408-848-4727

Foundation/Fund Raising (CJ) 408-846-4936

GavTV, Channel 18 (OE) 408-848-4764

Golf Course (south end of campus) 408-846-4920

Grant Writer (TH 128) 408-848-4787

Health Services (SC118) 408-848-4791

Human Resources (HR) 408-848-4753

International Students (SC111) 408-848-4733

Library (LI) 408-848-4810

Reference Desk 408-848-4806

Math Lab (PH101) 408-846-4959

Math Science Engineering Achievement (MESA) (PH105) 408-848-4887

Noncredit Program 408-848-4859

Outreach and Recruitment (tours) (BU125) 408-846-4993

Public Information Office (TH129) 408-848-4724

Puente Program (SC105) 408-848-4807

Rambler (HU106) 408-848-4827

Reading Lab (LI201) 408-846-4980

Registration by Telephone 408-846-3729

Research 408-848-4852

ROP, Campus Specialist (BU124) 408-848-4816

South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium (San Jose)


Theater Arts Box Office (TH111) 408-846-4973

Transfer Institute (SC108) 408-848-4723

TRIO Support Services (SC160) 408-846-4981

Tutoring Center (LI116) 408-848-4838

Veteran’s Services (SC124) 408-848-4734

Writing Center (LI120) 408-848-4811