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Career Education Options

Gavilan offers three types of career education options:

  • Associate’s Degree
  • Certificate of Completion (requires more than 18 units)
  • Certificate of Achievement (requires 3-17 units)

All provide instruction in the skills and knowledge needed to enter a skilled or semi-professional occupation. Associate’s degree programs require completion of general education requirements. Certificate programs vary in the number of units required. Occupational certificate programs are developed in close cooperation with advisory committees made up of representatives from business and industry. These advisory committees review courses and make recommendations about technical content so that students will be prepared for the current technology of the job market.

Gavilan offers a number of Certificates of Achievement, designed with 3-17 units to allow students to achieve job-market proficiencies in a variety of fields. Students must earn a “C” or better in each course for the Certificate of Achievement, and must take 60 percent of the required courses at Gavilan College in order to earn a certificate here. Students earning certificates will have their fulfillment of requirements verified by a college counselor, and the student transcript will reflect the Certificate of Achievement.

Note: Certificate of Achievement and Certificate of Completion require a grade of 2.0 (“C”) or better in each course.

General Education

Along with the major course requirements listed in each degree major in the following pages, students must complete all general education and legal requirements described in General Education Requirements (page 38) of this catalog to be eligible for the associate’s degree.

REMINDER: Courses completed to satisfy general education requirements for an associate’s degree cannot also be used for the major unless so specified and beyond the 18-unit minimum.

Need For Specialized Training

It is often difficult to secure employment or to advance to increased responsibility and better paying jobs without specialized training. In the early stages of one’s career it is the specific, technical skills that an employer seeks. Your college record is the best evidence that this specialized training has been secured.

Students may combine work toward a certificate or an associate’s degree with courses leading to advanced standing at a four-year college or university. Many students have thus acquired a marketable skill with which they could support themselves and their families while they continue to work for a baccalaureate degree.

Gavilan College Degrees and Certificates

Below is a quick reference of degrees and certificates available at Gavilan College. For more information, call the Counseling Office at (408) 848-4723 or the related department. See program listings beginning on page 53. Regional Occupational Programs (ROP) certificates are listed on pages 232-234.