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Communication Studies

Communitcation Studies

   Certificate of Achievement


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Communication Studies Certificate of Achievement

Program Learning Outcomes: After completing this certificate of achievement, a student will be able to:

  • apply theory and research findings in communication studies to their professional and personal relationships. Students will be able to restate communication theory and technique and demonstrate them in interpersonal relationships.
  • engage in professional public discourse with application
  • of research, organization, reasoning and oral presentation.

This certificate will inform future employers, college admission offices and professional institutions that you have received specialized training in communication skills.

Interpersonal, intercultural, small group, public communication, presentation graphis and performance can be explored further through specialized classes in these areas. Your communication studies certificate can accompany any associate degree and enhance your qualifications for the job or university transfer that you desire.

Choose 12 units:

CMUN 1A Introduction to Public Speaking (3 units)

CMUN 2 Oral Reading (3 units)

CMUN 4 Intercultural Communication (3 units)

CMUN 5 Introduction to Communication Studies (3 units)

CMUN 8 Interpersonal Communication (3 units)

CMUN 10 Small Group Communication (3 units)

CMUN 11 Business Communication (3 units)

CMUN 129 Presentation Graphics - MS Powerpoint (1 unit)

Total Units for Certificate of Achievement: 12 UNITS