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A.A. Degree

The Studio Art Program provides students with a strong studio experience that integrates conceptual and technical artistic skills with personal and creative exploration.

We offer exceptional studio art courses in the foundation areas of drawing, painting, design, sculpture and art history. Our additional areas of expertise are in Ceramics, Art Education, Gallery Technology, Murals and Community Art, and Photography.

Upon completing the program, students will be prepared to continue a personal, creative journey or transfer to a four-year institution for further study. Transfer students are urged to consult a counselor and Art faculty to learn more about admission requirements to four-year institutions.

The Art Department faculty and students curate and manage the Gavilan College Gallery, which exhibits a wide range of original works by local and regional artists. Students have the opportunity to assist in organizing exhibits as well as exhibit their own artwork.

Other educational activities available for students are: Arts Festivals, Art Guild (club), OJO Mural Program, Art for Service, and fieldtrips to Bay Area creative events and museums.


Studio artist, designer (graphic, interior, industrial), photographer, art historian, art educator, community artist/activist, muralist, museum and gallery technician, arts administrator, curator, director, art therapist, art restorer, architect, advertising and commercial artist.

Art A.A. Degree

To complete the Art major program, the student must complete the minimum units specified in each category, plus a minimum of 3 additional units of Art electives to complete a minimum total of 24 units.

Program Learning Outcomes: After completing the Art major a student will be able to:

  • analyze and describe the historical and contemporary implications of art in terms of aesthetics, content and meaning.
  • create artworks using a variety of two dimensional art media, tools and equipment.
  • create artworks using a variety of three dimensional art media, tools and equipment.
  • demonstrate color theory and use color schemes. Students will be able to apply color theory to a variety of art media.
  • demonstrate and articulate social, political, and community issues as they relate to art and artmaking. This includes public art and public artmaking.

Major Requirements:

Foundation Courses:

ART 2A Two Dimensional Design 3 units

ART 13 Three Dimensional Design 3 units

ART 3A Drawing and Composition 3 units

Art History Choose 3 units:

ART 1A Art History (3 units)

ART 1B Art History (3 units)

ART 20 Art of Asia (3 units)

ART 21 Ancient Americas: A History through Art (3 units)

minimum of 3 units

Drawing and Painting Choose 6 units:

ART 3B Drawing and Composition (3 units)

ART 14 Beginning Mural Painting (3 units)

ART 15A Beginning Painting: Form and Composition (3 units)

ART 15B Beginning Painting: Imagination and Expression (3 units)

ART 16A Watercolor Painting: Form and Composition (3 units)

ART 16B Watercolor Painting: Imagination and Expression (3 units)

ART 34A Life Drawing (3 units)

ART 34B Life Drawing (3 units)

minimum of 6 units

Sculpture Choose 3 units:

ART 10A Cultural History of Ceramics (3 units)

ART 10B Ceramics (3 units)

ART 12A Sculpture (2 units)

ART 12B Sculpture (2 units)

minimum of 3 units

Art Electives: Choose 3 units:

In addition to satisfying the requirements outlined above,
students may take any class within the Art discipline
to satisfy this elective requirement, with the exception of:
ART 108 (Digital Media Lab) and ART 190 (Work Experience).

minimum of 3 units

Total Units for Major: 24 UNITS

Plus completion of general
education requirements units vary

Total Units Required for A.A.: minimum of 60 UNITS