Gavilan College Computer Lab

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Gavilan Computer Lab - L168/L171

Your first stop for Spanish practice and homework.
Here you will find Gaspar, the Gavilan Spanish Review program, online literature, an online Spanish dictionary, MS Word with Spanish spell check and thesaurus, and more.
And you will always find someone ready to help you if you get stuck!
The Computer Lab has moved into the Library - enter thru the door by the Reference Desk.


This program has the lab exercises for all the Gavilan Spanish classes, and gives you access to much of the literature used in class.


This is a comprehensive English/Spanish and Spanish/English dictionary with more than 400,000 entries, a verb conjugator, and a synonym dictionary. 
It can be used stand-alone, or it can be accessed from within MS Word.

MS Word

Ms Word understands Spanish!
It lets you insert all the Spanish accents with a click of the mouse.
It checks your spelling and grammar both in English and Spanish.
It has a Spanish Thesaurus
And the Dictionary is just a click away - look up any word, insert the translation!

Need help?

If you get stuck in one of the above programs, just ask - you will always find someone ready to help you!
And if you need help with any other Spanish computer-related problem, send a message to Franz, our computer guy - he will do everything to get you going.


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