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High School Transfer Enrichment Program

Gavilan College, in conjunction with area high schools, will offer transferable courses each spring and fall semester at the high school campuses. All students are required to take the placement assessment prior to enrolling. All concurrent enrollment documents are required. Please contact the Gavilan Assessment Office at 408-848-4992 or your high school counselor for more information and about when the placement assessment will be offered at the high school campuses. High Step classes are open to ALL eligible Gavilan College students.

The Program:
  • Start college while enrolled in High School!
  • In two years earn a maximum of 12 college units.
  • Courses conveniently offered at the high school.
  • Meet college and university requirements while still in high school.
The Benefits:
  • Experience college level work.
  • Reduce four-year university expense.
  • Advance academically.
  • Become competitive in the four-year admission process.
Who Can Participate?
  • High school juniors and seniors. (Courses offered at high school locations are open to any college-age student.)
  • Minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA.
  • Score at the appropriate level in reading, writing, and math.
  • Ability to benefit from advanced scholastic work.
  How to Register:
  1. Complete an application for admission.
  2. Take the Gavilan College assessment placement test.
  3. See your high school academic counselor to determine eligibility. All concurrent documents are required.
  4. Fill out a High School Contract (Recommendation for Special Student Status form) with your high school academic counselor.
  5. Ask your parent to sign the contract.
  6. Register for your class. For more information about registration, call the Admissions and Records Office at 408- 848-4735.

Students must purchase their own textbooks. Check out the Gavilan College bookstore website at

For more information call 408-848-4738.

For the Office of Outreach and Recruitment, call 408-846-4993