This is Passion

by Jesus Rodriguez



I don’t think that I have a passion instead I think I have a compilation of strong interests and subjects that I really feel strongly about. In my opinion I think that is what makes us passionate. Among the strong interests and subjects that make me passionate are: History, movies, soccer, literature and even politics. So maybe I do have a passion but it’s made up of many different things.

History makes me passionate because there are so many things that we can learn from the past. But sometimes we seem to forget, or don’t want to remember what happened, and we end up making the same mistakes time and time again. Also in the past we can find stories of courage and sacrifice that inspire us and makes us want to succeed. People say that fiction could never surpass reality, and I think that is especially true when it comes to history. There are many things in our past that bring about the question “what the hell were they thinking.” A clear example would be in the early days of medicine when people attempted to extract the demons that make you sick with leaches.

Another one of my strong interests is movies; I really like a good movie. Independent films are my favorites because they are so different from mainstream films. I think that the lack of funding pushes the people involved in these projects to be more creative and to come up with great new ideas that are thought provoking and out of the ordinary. Of course that this does not mean that I cannot enjoy a good old violent film, every once in a while I like to see stuff blow up and people getting a good beating.

As many of my compatriots to me soccer is not only a sport, is something more than that that is difficult to explain, is more of a way of life, even if that sounds cliché. Some of my earliest memories are of my family gathering to watch a soccer game. Even though as a kid I found soccer to be kind of boring I grew to love it, I found a team with which I identify with, I learned the rules, started playing and before I knew it I was a soccer fan. Even my family is divided when it comes to soccer, my dad and brother like one team and my mom and I like another. So when we find out that our teams are going to play each other, there is a lot of trash talking in the days before the game.

Besides soccer my mom has another passion that she made sure to instill on me and that is books. For as long as I can remember there have always been books all over my house, and my mom has always been there encouraging me to read them, specially when I was a kid and reading to me was more of a chore than a duty. Eventually I grew to love reading thanks to my mom and her “incentives”.

One of the reasons that I grew to love reading is because I discover a satirist magazine that made fun of the politicians and politics of Mexico. Growing up in a country like Mexico politics are a little bit more interesting than they are here. There is always some scandal involving drug trafficking, corruption or someone with a couple of skeletons in their back yard, literally. To me it was like a big movie that never ended and where the good guys rarely won.

Those are some of my strong interests and subjects that make passionate so I guess all of them combined make a passion. They reflect who I am and some of my background.
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