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Gavilan College Veterans Services and Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Military Service Credit Questions

Can I apply for credit for my military service?

Yes. Veterans who have been honorably discharged, and those on active duty, can apply to earn college credit for serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

What is the process to apply this credit to my transcript?

Students seeking credit for military service must first attend Gavilan College. Once the student has earned 12 units of college credit at Gavilan, they are eligible to apply for military service credit. A counselor will help the student complete the appropriate form and submit it to the admissions and records office. Credit will be manually applied to the student's transcript at the end of the term.

What paperwork is needed to make this request?

Students should submit a copy of his/her discharge paper (form DD 214), indicating an honorable discharge, to a college counselor. The counselor will then assist the student in completing an "Application for College Credit - Based on U.S. Military Service" form that will be used to document the request.

What sort of credit will be awarded?

For the completion of basic training, 6 units will be awarded; 3 units for Physical Education and 3 units for Military Science. Credit can also be awarded for the technical training received in non-combat areas. The veteran must have a counselor evaluate his/her in-service schools to receive the corresponding credit.

Will this credit be applied to degree requirements at Gavilan and to a four-year school when I transfer?

All credits earned will be accepted as electives and count towards the 60 semester unit graduation requirement for an AA or AS degree at Gavilan College. One unit of the General Education / Physical Education requirement for Gavilan College AA and AS degrees will also be fulfilled. However, students who plan to transfer to a four year institution should meet with a Gavilan College Counselor as acceptance by the CSU and UC colleges varies greatly. As a general rule, the CSU colleges will accept 6 semester units for basic training, but will only apply it as elective credit. UC colleges do not accept military service credit.

Where can I get more information on military credits?

Counseling Center Room SC113 408-848-4723
Veterans Affairs Office Room SC124 408-848-4734

General Community College Questions

Q: Is a community college right for me?

A: Community college is one educational option among many. Students who attend California Community Colleges have an advantage over other students because community colleges can provide a greater variety of programs and services, and they offer localized, personalized service and instruction.

A community college is a good choice for any student who may want to attend a four-year school later but who is not yet academically, personally, or economically ready to begin study at a university. In a community college, students can choose to work toward an associate (two-year) degree in hundreds of academic and technical fields that will enable them to transfer to a college or university to complete a baccalaureate degree; or, they can complete a one- or two-year training or certificate program in a choice of occupational fields, various health professions, and/or high-technology job fields.

Q: How do I apply?

A: An application for admission to Gavilan College is available on the Admissions and Records page. There you will also find instructions and other helpful information about attending Gavilan College.

Q: Who can attend Gavilan Community College?

A: Any high school graduate is eligible for admission to Gavilan Community College. However, you do not have to have a high school diploma as long as you are over eighteen years of age and can benefit from instruction, which can be demonstrated by taking the Ability to Benefit test

Q: Who goes to a community college?

A: There is no typical community college student. Most of our students fall into the traditional college-age group of under twenty-four, however, vocational students and part-time students tend to be considerably older. Approximately 56 percent of California Community College students are women. Fifty-three percent are members of minority groups (including Asian/Pacific Islander, Filipino, Black, Hispanic, and American Indian, among others). The income level and prior educational backgrounds of community college students vary enormously.

There are as many different types of people at community colleges as there are reasons for going to college. One of the most common reasons for attending a community college is "upward career mobility." Another reason many people enroll is to gain new skills in order to change careers. Whatever your reason for attending college, you will find many others who share your interests and lifestyle at a community college.

Q: Is it possible to work and attend a community college at the same time?

A: Yes--and almost 80 percent of our students do just that. For those who work during the day, Gavilan offers a broad range of evening and some weekend classes. Part-time, on-campus jobs are often available through the work-study program, and students who work off-campus may be able to get college credit for their work experience through the Cooperative Work Experience Education Program.

Q: May I attend a California Community College if I am not a resident of California?

A: Gavilan California Community College admits nonresident students. Nonresident students are charged an additional amount for tuition which is based on the actual cost of instruction. Currently, the additional tuition is $180 per unit.

Q: How is California residency determined?

A: Gavilan College determines student residency status according to state laws and regulations that specify the residency standards. The legal definition of California residency requires at least one year of physical presence in this state, coupled with the capability and the intent to make California your permanent home. However, if you have initially been classified as a nonresident, you will be required to demonstrate that you have been financially independent for at least three years before being reclassified as a resident. There are additional provisions covering special cases. Contact Admissions and Records personnel for more information.

Q: May I complete my first two years of undergraduate study at a community college?

A: Yes. Gavilan Community College offer courses that meet lower-division (first two years) requirements of a four-year college or university. Our counselors and advisors can help you plan your community college program to make sure that the courses you select are transferable. You should also refer to the catalog of the college or university to which you plan to transfer and check its requirements, especially in your major subject. Gavilan offers written transfer guarantee programs to many 4-year universities. The transfer center or counseling office will be able to advise you.

Q: Does Gavilan offer child care services?

A: Yes. Gavilan has a Child Development Center that provides campus child care and development services to students. Fees vary, using a sliding scale. Contact the Child Development Center for more information.

Last modified: February 8, 2012
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