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Contact Us At:
TRiO Student Support Services Program (SSS)
Gavilan College
5055 Santa Teresa Blvd.
Gilroy, CA 95020

Interim Program Director:
Eduardo Cervantes
Phone: (408) 848-4887

Academic Counselor:
Leticia Palacios, M.A,
Phone: (408) 848-4707

Technology Access

Laptop Computer Loan

Participants may borrow Laptops from the TRiO Program in order to complete their studies, which require computer access. TRiO computers contain wireless technology, which allow students to have Internet access anywhere within the Student Center.

All Note books computers/ Laptops from the TRiO SSS office are available to check out for 24 hours, with the possibility of rechecking it out if computers are available.  Students are to understand that others students may be waiting for the return of that computer and if such an item is returned late twice by the same student in the giving semester, he/she will lose the privilages on all TRiO SSS technology for the remaining of the academic year.

TI-83 Calculator Loan

    Participants may borrow Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus calculators for use in their transferable level math courses which require the use of the TI-83 calculator. Participants may borrow the TI-83 calculator for a semester at a time.


Last modified: February 24, 2014
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