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What is the Transfer Institute?

The Transfer Institute (TI) is a Gavilan College program that guides you through the transfer process in the most efficient and effective means possible. As a part of the Transfer Institute you will save time and money by completing your freshman and sophomore years at Gavilan. You will also meet and get to know other students who share your goals and ambition.

Transfer Institute Benefits:

Transfer Institute students receive:

  • Early Registration
  • A dedicated counselor to guide and monitor you through the transfer process
  • Pre-transfer events and activities with four-year universities
  • Access to activities designed to ensure your success at Gavilan College
  • Assistance with the identification of and preparation for a college major
  • A two-year agreement guaranteeing your transfer goals

Transfer Institute Services:

Your success is dependent on your attendance in enrolled classes, completion of course assignments and participation in Transfer Institute support services.

The following are some of the many Transfer Institute services available that will ensure your academic and transfer success:

  • Early connections with university admission representatives
  • Assistance with completing your transfer applications
  • Development of your personal TI agreement that identifies academic services, support services and activities essential to your transfer planning and success
  • Development of an individual Educational Plan by trained and knowledgeable counseling faculty that charts courses needed for completion of general education and major preparation
  • Documented evaluation of courses completed at other colleges that transfer to and satisfy university requirements
  • Semester feedback on transfer progress
  • Transfer information updates and event announcements to keep you connected with and prepared for the university experience
  • Assistance with finding sources of financial aid and educational financial planning
  • Opportunities to participate in university visits
  • Workshops to assist with the transfer process
  • Eligibility assistance with all participating TAA's (Transfer Admissions Agreements)

Who is eligible?

  • Recent high school graduates who are academically prepared for college level work

How do I apply for the Transfer Institute?

  • Complete a Transfer Institute application in April prior to high school graduation
  • Take a Gavilan College placement test
  • Complete a Gavilan college admissions application
  • Submit a High School transcript

Limited spaces are available - apply early!

Last modified: October 1, 2007
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