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Learning Commons Proposal

Fall, 2015 - The Learning Commons has now become a part of the Gavilan Libray. To learn all about the proposal and supporting documents, go to the Learning Commons page.

Resources from Diego Navarro - Transcending Poverty Through Education:

Reality Tours

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Instructional Resources

Distance Education Faculty Handbook 2014

This document provides the "how-to" deliver online education at Gavilan College. It includes the College’s policies and procedures as well as where to get help. This document is a must read for anyone delivering distance education, online or hybrid, instruction at Gavilan.

Distance Education Best Practices document

This document provides guidelines, suggestions and best practices for teaching in the online environment and serves as a guideline for the college in delivering distance education.

Distance Education Master Plan

Classroom Resources

3C Media (formerly Edustream): Streaming Database Repository

3C Media is a cost-effective, user friendly, centralized resource for providing participating institutions with the video-on-demand capabilities they might not otherwise be prepared to implement or manage. It provides captioned-ADA compliant access to educational video Playlists which can be seamlessly linked from within any learning management system. 3C Media also provides 24/7 live educational broadcast channels. Ask us how to air your content on one or more of our channels or lease one of your own.

Kognito: Online Training to Identify Student Distress & Suicide

Recognizing that suicide is the second leading cause of death among U.S. college-age young people, Gavilan College has launched an innovative program to train faculty and staff in suicide prevention. This is a one-hour, online simulation in which faculty and staff engage in virtual role-play with student avatars showing signs of depression, substance abuse, bullying and thoughts of suicide. At the end of the training, users will have acquired both the ability to act as soon as they have a concern about a student, and the comfort and skills to help the student seek help. Begin by going to: https://aruf.kognito.com.

California Acceleration Project

Gavilan is participating in the California Acceleration Project, sponsored by 3CSN (California Community Colleges’ Success Network), which aims to provide scaffolding and high-level challenge in English and math courses to help developmental students move more quickly and successfully into transfer-level courses. This initiative grew out of a desire to address the problem of “exponential attrition,” where high percentages of students who begin in the lowest levels fail to persist through the sequence of developmental courses. See webinars, research, and resources at the California Acceleration Project. Find out more at: http://3csn.org/developmental-sequences/

SLO/PLO Resources

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