Information Competency Gavilan College Spring 2006
Module 8
Scanning Images
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Using Images from Print

You may want to use an picture that is not in digital form. To digitize an image you will need access to a scanner and scanner software. Scanners are available in the Staff Resource Center and in the Gavilan College Library. We will use Photoshop to scan an image.

Note: If you are going to use images in your presentations or webpages remember to observe copyright issues. Here is a link to a site on Fair Use.

Scan an Image

Place the picture on the scanner.

Open Photoshop on the computer.

Select File from the menu.

Select Import and the scanner you are using. It's best to select the WIA scanner listed.

Click the Scan button.

You may need to crop the image.

Use the Crop tool from the tools menu     Click on the crop tool and drag around the portion of the image you wish to remain.

You may need to rotate the image.

Select Image from the menu.

Select Rotate Canvas and the degree to rotate the image (180° - upside down, 90° CW - clockwise, 90° CCW - counter clockwise, and arbitrary - you move it with your cursor.)


Saving the Image

Once you have scanned and edited the image to your satisfaction, it is time to save the image for use in digital format.

Select File from the menu.

Select Save As.

Select Format as JPEG and give the image a file name and click Save.

You will be prompted to set the quality of the scan (low, medium, high, maximum.) The lower quality setting results in a smaller file which is quicker to load.

  • A 'Low' quality scan is 14.89K and will load in 2.63 seconds with a 56.6K dialup connection.
  • A 'High' quality scan is 83.59K and will load in 14.77 seconds with a 56.6K dialup connection.
  • Your choice will depend on how you intend to use the image.


When you have selected the quality level, click OK and the image will be saved and ready to use as a digital image.


If you want credit for this module:

Use a scanner and Photoshop (or equivalent program) to scan and save 5 print images. Use these images in one or more of your Gavilan web pages.


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