Information Competency Gavilan College Spring 2006
Module 16
PowerPoint Module III
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How Can I Use a PowerPoint Presentation in a Webpage?

PowerPoint was originally designed for presentations in a face to face environment. The presenter would bring up the file in the classroom and project it onto a screen. In the digital age, we can use PowerPoint presentations in conjunction with online presentations. To do this we need to convert the file and upload it to your hhh account.

Once the file is uploaded, you can then create a link from your webpage to the file.

In this module we are going to cover converting the file to a Slide Show format.


Pros and Cons of using the Slide Show format (*.pps)


  • Can be viewed by all students (as long as they have PowerPoint or Free PowerPoint Viewer).
  • Can't be modified by students.
  • Can be uploaded and linked from Contribute or Etudes.


  • Requires PowerPoint or Free PowerPoint Viewer.
  • Can't be printed.

Pros and Cons of using the PowerPoint format (*.ppt)


  • Can be viewed by all students (as long as they have PowerPoint or Free PowerPoint Viewer).
  • Can be uploaded and linked from Contribute or Etudes.
  • Can be printed from within PowerPoint (but not PowerPoint Viewer).


  • Requires PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer to view the file.
  • Can be modified from PowerPoint.

Converting a PowerPoint Presentation to a Slide Show

Using PowerPoint to convert your file to html.

  • Open PowerPoint
  • Open the file you want to convert
  • Select File from the menu
  • Select Save As
  • Select File Type as PowerPoint Show (*.pps)

  • Remember to use one word filenames or use underscores between multiple words if you want to upload a file.
  • This creates a file called basic_ppt.pps.
  • This is what it will look like to your students. Basic PowerPoint Presentation saved as .pps



Uploading Your PowerPoint html Files

Uploading a .pps file using Contribute is the same as any other kind of file. You will want to make sure to add something to your web page for students without PowerPoint about the Free PowerPoint Viewer*.


  • Open Contribute.
  • Select your website from the hompage.
  • Open the page you want to use to link to the file.
  • Select Edit.
  • Select or create the text for the link and highlight it.

  • Select Link from the toolbar.

  • Select File from my computer.

  • Select the file you want to upload.

  • Select New Window from the Target Frame dropdown. If you don't see the Target Frame dropdown you may need to click on the Advanced button.

  • Click on Select.
  • When you publish the page the file will upload to your Gavilan server account.
*PowerPoint Viewer. Microsoft has a free PowerPoint Viewer for download. This program allows users without PowerPoint to view powerpoint files including .ppt and .pps files.

Linking Your Presentation from a Webpage:

When you have uploaded your file and folders, you are ready to link to the file. From your webpage, set up a hyperlink to the .htm or .html file. The page relies on the contents of the folder to fully show the PowerPoint presentation.

Here is a sample:

Creating a Basic PowerPoint Presentation


If you want credit for this module:

Create a PowerPoint presentation, upload it to your Gavilan account and create a link to the presentation.


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