Information Competency Gavilan College Spring 2006
Module 14
PowerPoint Module I
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Why use a PowerPoint presentation?

PowerPoint is a computer program designed to create multimedia presentations. In this module you will create a basic PowerPoint presentation.

The Basics

Open PowerPoint on your computer. The opening screen will probably look like this.

Powerpoint opening screen shot

  • The left panel shows the slides in your presentation. The center panel shows your current slide. And the right panel shows help links. You can close either or both of the right or left panels if you don't need them.

  • You can use the toolbar or the menu to navigate and use PowerPoint.

Editing a Slide

To begin editing your title slide you simply need to click in the box and begin typing. You can choose your font and size by using the font toolbar choices just like in Microsoft Word.


When you have finished your title slide, click on the New Slide button from right side of the toolbar.

You now have a new template. You can use the one provided or select a different layout from the choices in the right panel. The basic layout provides for a slide title and a bullet list. You can select parallel lists or text only.


As above, to edit, simply click in the box you want to edit and start typing.



Once you are in the bullet list you just need to press enter to get the next bullet. Remember to keep your lists easy to read and concise for understandibility.


When you are through with this slide, click on New Slide to continue creating new slides.

Adding an Image to a Slide

Next let's add an image to our slide. You can add an image from your computer or by copying and pasting an image from another document.

Note: When using images you will want to keep in mind copyright issues, as you would in any other public use of an image.

  • From your slide template place your cursor where you want the image.
  • Select Insert from the menu
  • Select Picture
  • Select From File

  • Using the Insert Picture file select box to select an image from your computer.

  • The results look like this

Note: If you change your mind about where you want the image you can click and drag the image anywhere on the slide.

Adding a Link to a Website to a Slide

Now, what if you want to link to a website for a live demo? You can add links to webpages very easily in your PowerPoint presentation.

  • From your slide template highlight the text or image you want to be the link.
  • Select Insert from the Menu
  • Select Insert Hyperlink
  • In the Address: blank, type in or paste in the full web address of the site to which you are linking.

  • Your results will look like this


Note: To test the link you will need to be in preview or slideshow mode

Viewing Your Presentation

As with other computer projects, it is a good idea to periodically save your project in order to avoid losing your work to a computer or electrical mishap. To save your project:

  • Select File from the menu
  • Select Save
  • Type in your filename. It is a good idea to keep the name short but recognizable. A filename like powerpoint1 will not help you in telling it apart from your other powerpoint presentations. Try to keep it to one word or use underscores between words if using more than one word (engl1a_4054_week1.)

To view your presentation as a slideshow, you just need to click on the SlideShow icon in the lower left corner of your screen. slideshow icon

You will now see your slides in the order you have input them. If your show starts anywhere other than the title slide, you may need to click on the first slide in the left panel of your screen.


Editing Your Presentation

What if you decide you want to insert a slide in between 2 existing slides?

  • In the left slide panel simply select the slide you want to follow and press Enter.
    Insert slide demo
  • You now have a blank template ready to edit.

What if you want to reorder existing slides?

  • In the left slide panel click and drag the slide you wish to move to it's new location.

What If you want to see all your slides?

  • Click on the slide sorter icon on the lower left of the screen. Slide Sorter Icon
  • The results looks like

Note: You can also move slides from within the sorter.

How do you add one of those colorful backgrounds that you've seen in other presentations?

  • Click on the Design button in the toolbar. Design Toolbar button
  • Select one from the choices that display in the right panel.

Sample PowerPoint Presentation

Sample PowerPoint Presentation


Exercise 1

Create a PowerPoint presentation of at least 5 slides. Use at least 1 image and 1 hyperlink to a website.

If you want credit for this module:

Create a PowerPoint presentation for your class of at least 10 slides. Use images, a background design and hyperlinks.


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