Using Technology in the Classroom

Schedule of Assignments

This series of lessons is designed to give you guidance and inspiration for using technology in the classroom. Most of the lessons can be accessed from your computer, at work or at home, any time you have a free hour or two.

However, if you get stuck, you can contact Sabrina or Peter for help.

If you go through at least 12 lessons, plus use the technology for your class, the Staff Development Committee will give you credit for:
  • 1 unit for track advancement, or
  • 1/2 unit for career increment, or
  • 24 hours of flex time.

Be sure to get your approval first with the Staff Development Committee. For details and the paperwork you'll need to fill out for this credit, go to the intranet on MyGav and click on the Faculty Staff Development link.

The use of technology covered so far for these tutorials include:
  • Creating a class website for your students.
  • Setting up a bulletin board or discussion area for your students.
  • Creating a powerpoint presentation for your class.
  • Creating an audio or video file for your course.

The first lesson will give you lots of examples of what other instructors in your particular field are doing. If you have any questions, please email me.

We hope to hear from you,
Sabrina and Peter