During the summer for the last 14 years, Gavilan College has put on STAR. This program is a Theatre Arts' Camp. There are two sessions: The first is 4 weeks long and the Second is 3 weeks long. This year in both Sessions, there were approximately 114 kids in each session.
The staff is hand picked by the Producer and the Executive Director, this way the children are getting the best of knowledge and training. The children's ages range from 8 -14 years old.
One of the main emphases we teach the children is that all parts are important. It does not matter if you are Mary Poppins or one of the penguins. Each role is very important. With out the child, there would be a hole.
This Summer STAR put on two productions:

 "Mary Poppins"


" Alice in Wonderland" (The Musical)

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