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The STAR Program has been one of the best summer programs available for youth interested in theatre and video arts education. In our rich 28-year history on the Gavilan College campus, STAR has become a summer tradition for many families and an important part of hundreds of children's lives. STAR has created a safe place for children: to express themselves creatively, to help boost their confidence and poise, encourage their creative spirits, and to learn the value of collaboration, teamwork, and the mutual respect and trust necessary to create exceptional productions. We believe it is a testament to the success of the STAR Program that so many of our STAR kids return to the program to become STAR leaders; sharing their love of the arts with the next generation of STAR kids.

In 2014, the STAR Program became a non-profit organization known as STAR Arts Education. We are no longer on the Gavilan College campus, but the STAR Program will continue to offer wonderful theatre and video arts programs for youth ages 8 to 16, and we are excited to be collaborating with local arts organizations and venues in our community.



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Here is our new contact information:

STAR Arts Education
c/o Marilyn Abad-Cardinalli
777 First Street PMB# 199
Gilroy, CA 95020

Phone: 669-888-4148
eMail: star.arts.education@gmail.com