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Stand Together Group

Mission Statement for The Stand Together Group

The Stand Together Group exists to promote and celebrate diversity,
inclusiveness, and mutual respect in our campus community,
so everyone at Gavilan College feels safe, respected, and included.

Our values are:

-- Special events planning for community involvement

We are committed to organizing a variety of events to inspire and educate a broad spectrum of students, staff, and members of our communities. We will pay special attention to how we organize and carry out special events, so we can involve many diverse people, build community, share work, and break down barriers as we work together. Our events will help us gain the confidence and respect of our communities so Gavilan College is seen as a treasured resource.

--Developing the Stand Together Group as a model of diversity, inclusiveness and mutual respect.

We are committed to making our group's work student-centered and student-friendly. We will work to be a trusted advocacy group for relevant issues, and for people who are under-represented or voiceless on campus. We will work with other campus groups to improve inclusiveness, diversity, and mutual respect throughout the college community. We will endeavor to make diversity, inclusiveness, and mutual respect hallowed college values that are well-institutionalized in many ways.

--Making the curriculum more culturally diverse

We will work to infuse curriculum and teaching methods with cultural sensitivity. We will encourage the development of new courses which examine human experience in its many varieties, and use a variety of good teaching techniques. We will support the inclusion of nonviolence and peacemaking skills in our curriculum.

--Working to improve the campus climate

We will work to find better ways to welcome and serve diverse populations. We will work against hate, and will promote events and activities that challenge stereotypes and break down barriers among people. We will help suggest and implement policies and procedures to meet these goals.

Last modified: July 15, 2010
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