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Stand Together Group

December 8, 2003

Present: Marla, Vero, Terrence, Leah, Leslie

Future dates to agendize:

*Meetings next semester: Feb. 9, 23; March 8, 22; April 5, 26; May 10, 24. Still 2 p.m. in HU 101
*STG second anniversary potluck, which Leah will help organize, to which we will bring our versions of soul food and one person each who we think would like to know more about STG: Tuesday Feb. 24, 11:30-1 p.m.

We evaluated World AIDs Day and thought it went well.

Discussion of diversity policy. Leah will keep working on getting the policy Jan mentioned so people can read it and discuss whether we would like to see it augmented. Terrence will soon convene a group to work on the Student Equity plan.

Future/spring events:
UN Human Rights Day events seem to be in place.
MLK Freedom Train--John B. and Karen S. have been doing publicity for this. Date is Jan. 19 and tickets are very inexpensive. Please tell people so we can have a good showing.
First week of classes folksinger Jenn Lindsay--Leslie will follow up.
Health relationship dat--Leslie and Marla are talking/working on this
Asian New Year--Ruby from ASB did not make it to update us
Black History Month--Terrence is working on videos, Nate Pruitt is interested
Women's History Month--student director for Vagina Monologues is in place; the foundations likes it raw and unrehearsed. It will be part of the First Monday theater series, and 10 percent of the gate will go to VM Foundation, the rest to local women's organizations. Leslie is helping.
Cesar Chavez Day--Terrence is contacting Starhawk, who may be able to swing it. Marc T. is interested in having her. We will fit her in elsewhere if it is a go.
Bring daughter/child to work--Leah is investigating a video to see whether it would be appropriate for mothers and daughters to watch together.
Cultural Festival--lots of people will be involved and this will be one big open house with music and art and activities on April 24. We will want to be there; will talk more about what we will do.
None of the Above Event--4/6 or 4/13 We could link this to the reemergence of the ghost of Prop. 54; maybe Marc and/or Denise would help with a student debate. Leah and Terrence will work on.
International Workers Day--Jan S. is starting to think this through.
Bike to Work Day in May--Terrence is exploring whether Gav should be an official or unofficial site for this.

Leslie told us about an issue that may be coming to various fora around campus. The vending machine contract is being renegotiated and the portion to be received by the ASB--from which STG gets 100 percent of its funding so far--may be reduced or disproportionally smaller than the amount received by the very hungry athletics department. Besides the discussion about the wisdom of more junk food vending machines, the STG may wish to weigh in with support for ASB--therefore our own and general students'--funding.

Future agenda items: spring activities, update on classified staff situation.

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