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Stand Together Group

November 24, 2003

Next meeting: Dec. 8, 2 p.m., HU 101
Present: Terrence, Leslie, Audrey, Suzanne, Marla, Leah
The hate crime policy was passed this month by the Board! Happiness and smiles.
Leah distributed a three-page draft of a general commitment to diversity policy that we drafted based on a chancellor's office model in 2002. A shorter less complete diversity policy has recently been okayed by the board but apparently there were no admin procedures to accompany it. The group decided that we should send the longer version we've worked on out with the minutes, and try to also send out the one passed recently by the board. Leah will work on getting it. Then we'll talk again in December when more people have read both documents. This may also relate to the next item:
Student Equity Plan--There is a mandate from chancellor's office to examine student equity on the basis of five indicators--proportion of students of various kinds vs. surrounding community so we serve reflective populations; course completion rates; degree and transfer rates. Gavilan needs to have this report done by July, and Terrence soon will begin to work on this with a new committee. If there are demographic groups left behind a plan must be put in place to help smooth out differences. May or June board approval will be needed then; maybe that part of the diversity policy could be attached to the Student Equity Plan work.
Ann Marie Sayers came on Nov. 20 for Native American Heritage Month and was successful in discussing the difficulties faced by California indigenous people past and present.
CCLC conference presentation went well. Terrence, Leah, Jan, and Vero worked on crystallizing the history of the STG and talking about the way we work, what we've done, and challenges we've had. Terrence will boil this presentation down to one page and we will use it as an orientation hand-out to new people at the STG meetings.
Upcoming events:
Dec. 1 World AIDS Day--End Prejudice and Discimination theme. 9-12  there will be agencies in Student Center to educate. There are also red ribbons for us to wear. Alice will also begin a local cable TV program, Go Ask Alice, that day.
Hollister Festival of Lights. Gavilan's float does have a diversity theme at our request.
UN Human Rights Day. Elena is trying to get a panel on religious tolerance together for Dec. 10. December 5 poster-making for Declaration of Human Rights 1- 4 p.m. in Student Center hosted by Suzanne. It was requested that Susanne get word out now and then again closer to the date so people can get this on their calendars. Leslie has invited Sarah Bachmann, Child Labor in the Global Village/Photography for Social Change, to speak to journalism and photo classes on Dec. 10 at 10 and 11.  Bachmann's photos will be installed at the Hollister gallery on Dec. 1 and publicity is being done on this with the Pinnacle. Suzanne volunteered to do a PSA if we can get up to speed on publicity. Leslie will offer our publicity services to Elena.
Jenn Lindsey is a grassroots lesbian folksinger who found our website and thought the STG might be interested in her tour.  Leah will check to see whether she's available the first week of school Jan. 26-30.  South Valley Sounds show might invite her to do a videotaped concert, and her publicist would get a copy of the tape.
We discussed having a spring semester theme on religious tolerance.
Jan. 19--MLK Day Freedom Train ride**--Lead: John Baker. Terrence will follow-up re: publicity and costs so we can fill 20 or more seats.
Feb.11--Healthy Relationships Day and Club Day**--Leads: Leslie  and Alice. STG will table with a flier on varieties of relationships.  Marla will check with Mark about video or handouts, and Leslie will check with Alice.
Early Feb. Asian New Year* with ASB--Lead: Ruby of ASB. Leslie will ask Ruby to come to the next meeting.
Black History Month videos**--Lead: Terrence with CMAP; he will ask others among us if he needs help contacting film distributors for permission.
Feb. 28 and March 1--Women's History Month Vagina Monologues performance**--Lead: Leslie will work with Julianne. We have a student director and have been okayed to do the performances. Leslie is working with a rape crisis counselor at Community Solutions to do publicity. A few people, staff and students, have been identified who can be readers. Cherise, the student director, probably has more ideas.  Two evening and a daytime performance.
March 24--Cesar Chavez Day--state holiday and non-  violence issues. Lead: Leah.  Star Hawk might be a good speaker both for religious diversity and for non-violent organizing; she has been with nonviolent protestors this week in Miami, and has stories to tell. Leah will follow up.
Bring Your Daughter/Child to Work Day--Audrey and Leah will talk about doing this and try to find the dates.
We did not have time to discuss the following, but will try next time:
April 24--Cultural Festival with cars, music, art--
6 or 13--None of the Above event re: people who don't fit into neat ethnic categories--Leads: Leah and Terrence.
May 3-- International Workers Day--Leads:Jan B. Chargin and Jan S.
May 13--Bike to Work Day --Lead: Terrence
Meeting ended at 3:30. Next agenda: general diversity policy, spring events, other?

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