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Stand Together Group

April 18, 2002 Minutes

Present: Leslie Tenney, Jan Bernstein-Chargin, Jen Ferro, Terrence Willett,
Audren Morris, Julie Chui, Veronica Guajardo, Fran Lopez, Margaret Martinez,
Leah Halper
Next meeting: May 2, 1:30, HU 101. All invited.

Hate Crimes: The group looked at and okayed a draft policy on hate crimes
that can now be discussed by the Administrative Cabinet. Leah will deliver
it to Marty for this purpose. The rest of the policy--the general commitment
to diversity part--should follow soon. NOTE: the policy is below, FYI, and
with thanks to Steve Smith.

Planning for Next Year: A long and fruitful discussion about planning events
for 2002-2003 that can be sponsored by this group or developed partly with
our encouragement. We would like to do a limited number of things well, and
then see what grows from that. We can circulate the following list to all
the campus after our next meeting so everyone can plan ahead: teachers can
write course syllabi with these dates in mind, and other depts. can
contribute in a number of ways; for example, the Financial Aid Office can
publicize relevant scholarships during Disability Awareness or Black History
Month, as appropriate. So--we would like to see the following events at
Gavilan next year, and the indicated person/s are or will be the contact/s
for making them happen (We will discuss more at the next meeting):

El Grito/Sept. 16 possible focus on Chiapas struggle for independence/self
determination--ASB & Stand Together group

Oct. 1--Convocation/gathering/bridge/hands xx campus to celebrate the
college's diversity and to kick off Disability Awareness Month--Louise (we
hope--Leah will ask), DSPS

Oct. 11--National Coming Out Day, or possibly Week--Leslie, Leah, Jen

Nov. 1-2--Dia de los Muertos--ASB hopefully with Art Dept.

Nov.--Native American Heritage Month--first of a series of fliers for
posting around campus to educate everyone about the month's meaning and
importance--Veronica, Terrence, Margaret, Leah

Dec. 2 World AIDS Day--Alice

Dec. 10--UN Human Rights Day International Day--Leslie will ask the new
International Club if they would like to plan this; advisers are Elena
Dachkova and M. Sanidad.

Feb. 5--Chinese New Year celebration--Julie Chui

Feb.--Black History Month including Terrence Roberts from the MOT as a
speaker--Leah, Audren, Veronica, ASB. Fliers as for Nov. would be developed.

March--Women's History Month--Audren with help from the History Dept. and
others. Fliers as for Nov. would be developed.

May--Asian-American Heritage Month--Leah will ask Karen Warren if she is
willing to be the contact for organizing this. Fliers as for Nov. would be

May 15--Bike to Work Day---Terrence.

It was noted that this group needs a logo. Jan, any ideas?

Jen volunteered to begin a website.

Staff Flex Day: the National Coalition Building Institute will be doing our
training. A report from the organizers should be possible at the next
meeting on May 2.

Curriculum: No report--we ran out of time!

News: Leslie spoke highly of the new International Club. Veronica has
visited the Sacramento City College Cultural Awareness Center, a wonderful
grant-funded place where students learn leadership skills while organizing
ethnic, cultural and political events. She will look into their funding
source. She discussed Cesar Chavez day successes, but expressed
disappointment at relatively poor press coverage. A letter may be written to
local newspapers to ask why stories/photos never appeared. There was a
Pinnacle story! Leah gave out information about a May 10 diversity workshop
in Sacramento; information below. Jen called attention to a growing poetry
extravaganza planned for May 11 on campus; all are welcome.

*Gavilan College Stand Together Group Suggested Policy on Hate Crimes*

General Statement on Hate Crimes

The policy of Gavilan College is to ensure that the rights to equality,
justice, and freedom guaranteed by State laws and the United States
Constitution are protected for all students and staff, regardless of their
race, class, age, ethnicity, religion, ancestry, national origin,
disability, gender, or sexual orientation. When those rights are infringed
upon by violence, threats, of other form of harassment, Gavilan College will
use every necessary resource to prevent such crimes, and to rapidly and
decisively cooperate with law enforcement personnel to identify and
prosecute the perpetrators.

Because such acts are particularly insidious given that victims cannot
change who they are in order to escape victimization, all acts of hate and
prejudice that involve violence or threats, regardless of motivation, will
be viewed as serious and will be given priority attention.


According to Art. 1 Sec. 1 of the Constitution of the State of California,
it shall be the policy of Gavilan College to protect the identity and nature
of victimization of the victim of a hate crime. In some cases the purpose of
hate crime is to expose the victim to potential ridicule and embarrassment.
At the same time, the college will not hesitate to promptly and publicly
condemn any hate crime in general terms, nor to inform its staff of time,
place, and general characteristics of any hate crime. The college will
support any individual victim who voluntarily publicizes details of a hate
crime as a means to prevent future incidents.


Gavilan College will promote campus harmony, appreciation for the value of
human diversity, and respect for individual rights and dignity. The District
places a high priority upon the prevention and eradication of crimes
involving hate, bigotry, and prejudice.

Cooperation with Law Enforcement
The victimization of individuals or groups because of their status is not
only an affront to those victimized, it is also a violation of State and
Federal Laws. The policy of Gavilan College will be to immediately or as
soon as is practicable report all incidents of hate crime to the appropriate
local law enforcement agency. In addition to penalties assessed by criminal
courts, it shall the be the policy of Gavilan College to hold those
perpetrators responsible, with appropriate college sanctions, including
possible termination and/or expulsion.


2002 Education Institute Workshops

10:00 am to 3:00 pm
Friday, May 10
Sacramento International Airport
Contact: Paul Simmons, FACCC

A panel of students from different cultures, genders, races, sexual orientations, and more will be the keystone of this innovative and interactive workshop. In a drastic departure from "typical" diversity training seminars, we go to the source - our students - in addition to experts on teaching in multicultural classrooms. How do we manage our diverse student population in effective ways to ensure success for all? How effective are we?

? Pat Bennett from Grossmont College has been invited to share her expertise and experience in the REAL diversity of our classrooms and how to make it an opportunity, not just a challenge.
? We will have a facilitated panel of students to discuss what diversity really means to them, and to provide us with a reality check on what they really think and feel.
? Other presenter(s) to be announced.

registration fees:
$49 for FACCC members.

Learn from your students and experts and discuss varied theories and
experiences in our diverse academic environment. Hear new ideas and
thoughts, and bring your own to share with your colleagues.

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