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Gavilan Athletics

June 15,2012


Gilroy, CA-The blue skies, warm air must mean that summer is officially here. For the Gavilan College Rams Volleyball team that means one thing, the start of the summer conditioning program.  For the Rams, this is the first time the 2012 members of the team get a chance to work together. Rules prevent the team from starting official practice until August. So for now these workouts are the only thing the Rams have their focus on.Vball2

For the four returning players, this marks the last summer for them on campus. It was only a year ago that these sophomores came into workouts with uncertainty.  “I remember last year when I wasn’t able to finish the warm ups,” says sophomore outside hitter Kayce Skocko. “Now the only concern is how much weight to put on the bar.”

For the incoming freshmen this is their first taste of what it is like to play college volleyball. For many, this is their first time ever lifting weights. “I’ve never been inside a gym like this, let alone do a work out like this,” says one incoming freshman.

Vball3 The summer workouts will last for six more weeks before the Rams open their training camp. Despite the fact that not all the Rams are here, Head Coach Kevin Kramer isn’t disappointed with the first week of work. “We’ve had a good first week. The sophomores are really taking point in terms of showing the freshmen how much hard work is expected to be put in.  It’s also a reminder for the sophomores on how far they have come in the past year. Last year, it was them who were struggling with the technique and demands of the workout. This is the time where they can see how much their hard work has paid off.”Vball4

The other Rams will be trickling into workouts within the next few weeks. When asked about why everyone is not here, Coach Kramer replied “we have a few girls that have yet to move into town, some taking summer classes to get ahead, and one in Spain with one of our schools study abroad program. But soon we will all be here ready to go and I can’t wait!



Last modified: June 26, 2012
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