2018 Roster

# Name Yr. Pos. Ht. Previous School
1 Kaitlyn Siaz FR P/OF ${height} ${school}
3 Codie Dalton FR OF ${height} ${school}
4 Carley Soliz FR OF ${height} ${school}
5 Karli Martinez SO UTL ${height} ${school}
7 Julia Rodriquez FR UTL ${height} ${school}
8 Jacqueline Orta SO INF ${height} ${school}
9 Lex Chavarria FR P/OF ${height} ${school}
11 Berta Luna SO INF ${height} ${school}
12 Nicole Villanueva SO INF ${height} ${school}
13 Jamie Temperino FR UTL ${height} ${school}
14 Amber Mendolla SO OF ${height} ${school}
20 Nadine Machado FR OF ${height} ${school}
22 Cynthia (CJ) Del Real Rodriguez SO 1B ${height} ${school}
RS Baylee Padilla SO UTL ${height} ${school}


Kevin Kramer
Head Coach
Paige Miguel
Assistant Coach
Bobby Reggiani
Assistant Coach
Mari Rodriguez
Assistant Coach