Contact Information

If you would like more information regarding our intercollegiate athletic opportunities, please feel free to contact us at our main phone number (408) 848-4876.

If you would like to speak directly to a head coach of a particular team, their numbers are listed below. We will be more than happy to assist you in any way.

Administrative and Support Staff

Ron Hannon

Dean of Kinesiology & Athletics

(408) 848-4895

Picture of Ron Hannon

Irene Mason

Division Assistant

(408) 848-4876

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Darlene Del Carmen

Athletic Academic Counselor

(408) 848-4880

Photo of Darlene Del Carmen

Erik Hilliker

Athletic Trainer

(408) 848-4877

Photo of Erik Hilliker

Rebecca Northon

Athletic Trainer

(408) 848-4877

Photo of Rebecca Northon

Nikki Dequin

Department Chair

(408) 848-4894

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Coaching Staff

Derek Jensen

Head Men's Basketball Coach

(408) 848-4918



Melissa Llanes

Head Women's Basketball Coach

(408) 846-4917



Neal Andrade

Head Baseball Coach

(408) 846-4916

Photo of Neal Andrade

Bobby Reggiani

Head Softball Coach

(408) 419-9716

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Dane Holmgren

Head Volleyball/Beach Volleyball Coach 

(408) 848-4896


John Lango

Head Football Coach

(408) 848-4875

Photo of John Lango