Gavilan College SPAN8A Conversational Spanish

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SPAN8A Conversational Spanish

This course is a beginning Spanish class, focusing on the Spanish sound system, basic grammar and vocabulary, and cultural elements. Although emphasis is on listening and speaking, basic reading and writing skills will be developed. This course has the option of a letter grade or pass/no pass.

Units: 3; Hours: 3 Lecture;

Summer 2013 Classes:

  • Instructor: Albert Marqués
    Location: This class meets in Seville, Spain - click for details

Fall 2013 Classes:

  • Instructor: Pat Adams
    Location: HU105                 
    Class Cancelled
    Time: We 06:00p-09:05p

  • Instructor: Isidro Polo
    Location: HOL2 (class meets at Hollister Briggs site)
    Time: Mo 06:00p-09:05p

Spring 2014 Classes:

  • Instructor: Isidro Polo
    Location: HU105
    Time: We 06:00p-09:05p



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