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Ed Schmidt was born in 1965 in Salinas, California. He grew up on a ranch near the Pinnacles National Monument outside of Soledad. 

Ed attended Gonzales High School, where he first became enchanted by Spanish. After graduating he attended the University of California at Berkeley where he earned bachelor degrees in both Spanish and Political Economics.  During his junior year, he attended the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.

After a brief stint in the business field, he earned his teaching credential and began his career as a secondary teacher.  He has taught at Merced High, Napa High, and San Benito High.  After getting married, he returned to San Benito High School to teach and coach football. He has taught all levels and types of courses from beginning Spanish to Advanced Placement to Spanish for native speakers.  In 2001 he joined Gavilan College as a part-time instructor and has taught as such since then. He has taught for fifteen years.

Ed continued his endeavors in education and learning while attending CSU Sacramento’s summer program, in which he received his M.A. in 2001. During his course work, he studied and traveled in Guatemala, Cuba, Costa Rica, and Spain.

"I enjoy working with high school students, but working with older students is refreshing and reinvigorating for me as an instructor here at Gavilan College"

Ed and his wife live in Tres Pinos with their son, Eddie.  He loves the area and the people, as it reminds him of his hometown of Soledad. 



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